Friday, 20 July 2012

Freedor's the caring solution

Freedor safeguards Mulberry Court care home
One of the UK's largest care home groups has chosen wireless Freedor electrically powered free-swing door closers to improve access whilst protecting staff and residents at one of their care homes.

Barchester, whose care homes combine exceptional healthcare and nursing standards with warm and friendly atmosphere in over 200 homes nationally, said that they have found the Freedors, installed at their Mulberry Court care home, to be an excellent product for convenience of use and fire safety, fitting perfectly with the requirements of a care home environment.

Freedor is a unique wireless solution that allows users to hold open fire doors at any angle, automatically closing them when the fire alarm sounds to prevent the spread of fire and smoke around the building.

Installed at the top of the door Freedor is neat, unobtrusive and is easy to install in new buildings and retrofit, with none of the expense and disruption to occupants or the building associated with the installation of hard-wired door closers.

Features include: Fail-to-safe technology, with a minimum battery life of 12-18 months; Adjustable sensitivity; Complies with BS EN 1154, BS EN 1155, BS 7273-4 category B.

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