Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Low Cost Web Based Surveillance for Home or Office from Jabbakam

The latest crime survey statistics show that there were 479,000 reported incidents of car theft in the 12 months to June 2010.

So, if your clients insist on leaving the car on their drive instead of safe and secure in the garage and  want to make sure their wheels are safe and secure while they’re out, recommend a Jabbakam (£59.95, to act as their eyes and ears.

Jabbakam  is a simple plug and play IP security camera, which works hand in hand with a social networking site, very much like Facebook and can easily keep an eye on a garage or driveway.

No need to be a computer expert, simply attach the camera to the router and a power source, point it at a particular space, login to and it’s up and running.

Jabbakam allows users to view recorded footage remotely, on Internet-connected PCs, laptops, smartphones or PDAs from anywhere in the world, using a secure platform that ensures only authorised network members can view the footage they have been given permission to view.

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