Friday 30 September 2011

Ford of Britain 100: Image of the Week - 39/52

To celebrate the centenary of Ford of Britain in 2011 the company is exploring its photo archive to reveal rarely seen images. Ford's unique relationship with Britain and its society will be illustrated each week by specially selected pictures.

Next month the Ford plant at Dagenham will celebrate 80 years of production. Commissioned at the height of a recession, Dagenham was celebrated by the press as a "magnificent gesture of faith in Britain's commercial future … a lighthouse of hope in a storm-tossed sea of industry". Since the first vehicle, a Model AA truck, rolled off the Dagenham production line on 1 October 1931, nearly 11 million vehicles and over 37 million engines have been built on the reclaimed marshland in East London.

Appropriately, the new plant, dubbed "a Detroit in Europe" was soon shipping vehicles across the Atlantic. During 1948 over 12,000 Ford 10HP models were shipped to America and by 1962 half of the UK’s car exports were Ford vehicles, shipping to 168 different territories.

Motivated Person to work as part of Service Team in Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld based, Almet Doors Ltd,  also require a motivated person to work as part of the Service Team.

The ideal candidate will have experience in the Industrial Doors sector, will work as part of the Service Team, surveying sites, estimating repairs, speaking to new and existing customers.

The applicant must have full driving licence and be able to work on own initiative.

Salary negotiable according to experience, a company vehicle will be provided.

Please send CVs by email to: or by post to the address below.

Almet Doors Ltd,
Unit 1A,
Blairlinn Road,
Blairlinn Industrial Estate,
G67 2TF

Tel: 01236 730303 
Fax: 01236 739937

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Laidlaw Solutions Ltd, backed by leading private equity group Rutland Partners, has acquired SIG PLC’s Interiors Manufacturing Division (SIGIM) in a deal which gives the combined companies a turnover of around £130 million. 

The new company, which has sales centres in Perth and Glasgow, will be called ‘Laidlaw Interiors Group’ and brings together Laidlaw’s market leading brands with those of door manufacturer Leaderflush Shapland and partition manufacturer Komfort Workspace

Other SIGIM companies included in the acquisition include Cubicle Systems washrooms and Tufwell Glass and Blinds (formerly SIG Glazing Services). Laidlaw owner John Jefferies will be the new Group CEO. 

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Thursday 29 September 2011

Industrial Door Engineer required for Cumbernauld based Company

Cumbernauld based, Almet Doors Ltd,  require an experienced Industrial Door Engineer. 

The applicant must have full driving licence, welding experience and be able to work on own initiative and be part of the team.

The Hourly rate will be dependant on level of experience.

Please send CVs by email to: or by post to the address below.

Almet Doors Ltd,
Unit 1A,
Blairlinn Road,
Blairlinn Industrial Estate,
G67 2TF

Tel: 01236 730303 
Fax: 01236 739937

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Roller Shutter Doors no problem for newly trained fire officers

We reported back in August, 2011 that Excel Roller Shutters, Huddersfield had been working in partnership with West Yorkshire Fire Service’s training department to offer their expertise on how to gain ‘quick and safe’ entry into buildings that have roller shutters installed.

That training was put to great use on 23rd August when Halifax Green Watch, supported by Elland and Illingworth, were called to a fire at Ryburn Valley High School, near Halifax. Faced a with a series of high security roller shutter doors they were able to put into practice the new access techniques learnt in training, using the new methods of entry kit. Fire officers made short work of getting past the roller-shutter door and used the lock-pulling method to get past the internal door. By using the new roller shutter access techniques, officers managed to reduce damage to the doors and gave crews time to cover up all the schools computers before applying water to the fire thus saving thousands in unnecessary damage. 

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Wednesday 28 September 2011


To celebrate the centenary of Ford of Britain in 2011 the company is exploring its photo archive to reveal rarely seen images. Ford's unique relationship with Britain and its society will be illustrated each week by specially selected pictures.

The strength of any company lies in its people. Henry Ford understood this and from the day Ford Motor Company was formed, its workforce was recognised as its greatest asset. Even the UK’s best-selling car, the Ford Fiesta, still relies upon the skills of the designer, the engineer and the assembly worker. 

This week’s image focuses on a group of trainee draughtsmen in 1950. A thorough training programme ensured each recruit reached full potential and helped contribute to Ford’s leadership in the UK market.

Ford’s long tradition of welfare has progressed from the $5-a-day wage in the USA in 1914 to sponsoring educational and charitable programmes throughout the 20th century.

To help celebrate the Ford of Britain Centenary the company has launched the Ford Blue Oval Scholarship Programme, which will sponsor 100 university students in the fields of engineering, science and innovation.

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2011 Orbis Timber Doorsets Guide launched

The new 40-page Orbis Timber Doorsets brochure from Laidlaw Solutions’ outlines the benefits of an integrated package of door, frame, architrave, glazing and operating hardware.  

In addition to information on projects in the hospitality and leisure, education and healthcare sectors, further coverage has been devoted to the use of anti-ligature hardware, inclusive design, door and side-screen glazing and a variety of access control options. 

Orbis Timber Doorsets can be varied to satisfy a wide range of performance requirements including fire and smoke control, sound reduction and X-ray protection and are available in a choice of softwood or hardwood frames and veneered, laminated, primed or factory-painted finishes. 

Scheduling is routinely undertaken for projects ranging from the largest, fast-track design projects to small commercial refurbishments.

For a copy of the new Orbis Timber Doorsets brochure please call 01902 600400 or download one now from this link or view it online below.

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Publisher Software from YUDU

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Top tips to get editorials published free

abstract art at the Centre:MK 

Do you know the difference between Advertising and Editorial? 

Possibly not, because our experience over the years in the door and hardware industry has shown us that there’s plenty of confusion out there - so here's an explanation .....   

Advertising (Display Ads) - Advertising is a paid for means of communication used to persuade readers to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Have a look at what other companies advertise and then view our advertising rates.

Editorial (News Stories) - An editorial is a news story, written from a press release, either by the newspaper or magazine or by the company seeking publicity. 

Publication, depending on the length of the story and whether images and logos are supplied, is normally free of charge, especially if you advertise as well. 

Jobs in the Door, Gate and Hardware Industries

A new section has just been created on the Door Industry Journal Blog to advertise jobs within the industry on behalf of advertisers and contributors to our publication.

We can either post full details of the job on offer or just a short summary and a link to the full details hosted elsewhere such as on your website or a downloadable file. 

Currently, while we build up our Blog content there is no charge for providing this service so please take advantage of this free offer while it lasts.

To find out more please please call or email us for more details.

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Monday 26 September 2011

How safe are your tyres?

As tyre safety month approaches, Ring Automotive is advising motorists to carry out a tyre safety check, to ensure they are fully prepared for the winter ahead. Winter driving requires extra care and preparation to avoid accidents and breakdowns.

Digital Tyre Gauge
Snow and ice pose an obvious risk to drivers as tyres have less grip and most drivers will change their driving style to accommodate this. However, many motorists don’t realise that cold damp roads alone considerably affects tyre performance and therefore road handling.

To ensure optimum tyre performance motorists should check for the correct tyre pressure, adequate tread depth and the general condition of the tyres.

Recent statistics show that around six percent of all fatal accidents are due to incorrect tyre pressure.

Under inflated tyres can overheat, as pressure from the weight of the vehicle and occupants is forced down the side walls of the tyres. The under inflated tyres become increasingly stressed as heat builds up, this can lead to dangerous blow outs.

Thursday 22 September 2011


Yale has launched a new patio door lock, especially designed for today’s modern slimline patio doors.

The innovative multipoint lock is an unhanded, stainless steel one piece lock featuring four or six bi-parting high security hooks.

Yale’s new patio door lock features as standard an anti-slam device and an anti-lift probe for easy alignment with the one-piece keep.  Further, the optional shootbolt is locked in the head of the patio door, which can be used as a ventilation lock and to secure the traditionally weak corner area, adding even more protection. 

It’s slim case design and one-piece faceplate aid in fabrication, making it easy to install and improving end user security and durability, reducing profile flex and maintaining maximum strength.

Says Paul Atkinson, Sales Director: “Whilst homeowners prioritise locking systems for the front door, forced entry through a patio door has always been an overlooked issue.  Our technical team has worked hard to develop this very specialist range of patio door locks to provide extra home security.

“We believe this is one of the highest performing, and most secure system on the market, enabling fast and easy fabrication and installation; overall an excellent finished patio door product, which coming from such a strong brand as Yale, is offered for high quality protection without compromising security or aesthetics.”

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Leaderflush Shapland Supply Doors for World Famous Hotel

The Savoy Hotel
The Savoy Hotel in London's Strand is, without doubt, one of the most famous hotels in the world and its 3-year, £100m refurbishment and restoration is nearing completion. Reardon Smith Architects specified 496 doorsets and 152 special head architraves from the UK’s leading performance doorset manufacturer Leaderflush Shapland – which will play their part in re-affirming the extraordinary heritage of this iconic hotel.

World-renowned interior designer Pierre Yves Rochon has developed schemes to impart new glamour and luxury, echoing the very finest of 1920s Art Deco combined with an Edwardian-inspired, classic English style, both synonymous with The Savoy.

A team of over 1000 craftsmen, artists and artisans has worked tirelessly to create the interiors including the legendary American Bar, the river front restaurant 12 authentic Art Deco guestrooms, 268 guestrooms and a 16 room royal suite.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

New TyreSafe winter tyre movie drives home timely message

Movie has been made to show benefits
Winter weather tyres are not just for snow and ice but should be fitted for the whole winter period for improved grip and safety. That’s the message from TyreSafe as it approaches this October’s tyre safety month, and the reasons why can be clearly seen in a dramatic new online movie which can be viewed at
While the film was shot on an ice rink to highlight the staggering difference in performance between winter weather and standard summer tyres, the group is keen to stress that winter tyres really come into their own when the air temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, which is usually experienced throughout the UK between October and March, and not just when the road is covered in snow or ice.

Summer versus Winter Tyres
In the film, two driving manoeuvres are performed with a pair of almost identical cars, the only difference being that one was fitted with standard summer tyres and the other winter weather tyres. When carrying out an emergency stop at a speed of just 15mph, the car with summer tyres took four metres longer to stop – almost a full car length.
Meanwhile, in a cornering test, the car with standard summer tyres suffered massive under steer and ploughed through a set of cones which simulated the edge of the road. However, the car equipped with winter weather tyres stayed in complete control thanks to much higher levels of grip.


EnduraCor™, the doorset core from Leadersflush Shapland, is one hundred times more durable than multi-layered chipboard according to a recent independent test.

The test, which was carried out by Warrington APT, went beyond the standard EN1192 soft and heavy body impact tests to more accurately reflect the every day rigours that doorsets endure in harsh environments like schools and hospitals. The cyclic testing carried out exceeded the requirements of EN1191 by one million cycles. This easily equates to the number of door opening occurrences throughout the lifespan of a heavily populated building.

EnduraCor’s superior components, comprising flax board core, mdf sub-facing and softwood stiles and rails, underpin its superior durability by providing an outstanding fixing capacity for ironmongery. This highly cost-effective solution could significantly reduce ‘whole life’ repair and maintenance costs, which is an ongoing concern in school and hospital buildings. Ultimately, it may never have to be replaced.

Monday 19 September 2011


Retro fashion, beautiful vintage aircraft and some of the rarest and most sought after motor cars in the world mixed with closely fought and highly competitive racing today at Goodwood as the 14th Revival meeting drew to a close.

Among the estimated 140,000 people visiting the Goodwood Revival and entering into the vintage spirit of the event were musician Jay Kay and broadcaster Chris Evans.

On track a trio of Jaguar Mk2 saloons took part in the St. Mary's Trophy race against the thundering Ford Galaxie 500 musclecars.

Elsewhere, an incredible 14 Supermarine Spitfires took to the skies over the weekend, thrilling the crowds with aerobatic displays as they skimmed the tree tops, marking 75 years since the maiden flight of the aircraft in style.

The weekend has seen a diverse selection of vintage cars from Jaguar's sporting heritage racing in anger and on static display at the Goodwood Revival. It forms just one part of the celebrations throughout 2011 to mark the E-type's 50th anniversary.

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Fitzpatrick Steel Doorsets for Accredited Performance

Fitzpatrick has manufactured metal doors and doorsets for the commercial and industrial building sectors since the 1940s. Unrivalled aesthetics and performance are the hallmarks of these doorsets which provide a highly adaptable solution for internal or external applications in specialist sectors such as health and education.Fitzpatrick offers a number of product ranges each delivering different performance characteristics as well as a steel frame option, all of which are available either primed for on-site painting, or powder coated to any BS or RAL colour.

Firecel doorsets have been specifically designed to meet the requirements for prolonged fire resistance for periods of up to 240 minutes; Soundcel doorsets have been developed using mineral wool or honeycomb cores to meet specific acoustic performance requirements; Securicel doorsets offer protection against various levels of attack from petty burglars using small tools, up to attempted, forced entry with high powered machinery; and Framecel metal door frames are manufactured to BS1245 and can be manufactured in stainless or mild steel.

Estover Gets the Benefit of Doorset Innovations

Estover Community Campus is one of the biggest investments for children and young people in Plymouth in the last decade. 441 Leaderflush Shapland Designer and Extended Performance doorsets were specified for the £28m project which is due for completion late 2010. It will create a home for Estover Community College; Estover Primary School, Plymbridge Children’s Centre and Nursery School, the Soundhouse, Estover Library, Estover Youth Centre, part of Plymouth Hospital School and Downham School.

Features include flexible space to allow classrooms to change size and shape, breakout areas, an amphitheatre for hosting outdoor performances, dedicated wings for subjects such as design and arts and information technology, and open plan internal and external dining spaces alongside mezzanine areas. An inner courtyard area will act as the heart of the campus and a central link to all of the facilities.

The doorsets were laminate faced in a range of colours and specified to meet performance characteristics of 60 minute fire resistance and 38 RwdB sound reduction.  Leaderflush Shapland’s revolutionary hand and finger protection solution, Sentinel was also specified, which prevents fingers from getting into the hinge area of the door. ROSPA reports that 30,000 children trap and seriously injure their fingers in doors each year. Sentinel is aesthetically pleasing, robust, cannot be easily damaged or pulled off and complies with British Standards for accessibility.

A Higher Level of Ironmongery Expertise

Leaderflush Shapland, the leading UK performance doorset manufacturer, supplies a complete, end-to-end solution enabling architects and specifiers to obtain all their door and doorset requirements from one reliable source.

As well as their highly successful Origins and Elements ranges of architectural ironmongery which were introduced just over two years ago, Leaderflush Shapland has designed a number of doorset ironmongery packs to give specifiers, architects and contractors ironmongery solutions for particular environments and applications including hospitals, schools, student accommodation and offices.

A dedicated team of Guild of Architectural Ironmongery (GAI) qualified architectural ironmongers provides a full scheduling service, a doorset packing facility and project management. At the recent GAI annual luncheon held in London’s Royal Garden Hotel, 10 Leaderflush Shapland employees were awarded GAI Diplomas by guest speaker, Alastair Campbell – a record for a single company in one year – with David Ratcliffe winning both the Gold Medal and the scheduling prize. The GAI Diploma provides students with a broad knowledge and understanding of the industry and is the UK’s most recognised ironmongery specification qualification.

For further information about Leaderflush Shapland’s complete doorset solutions, contact the Architectural Hardware Department on 01773 530500 or visit the website:

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Some undervalue doors as design features but Longden has taken a different view with Moderne – their new and exciting contemporary design influenced door collection.

Moderne’s designer, Laura Davies, looked at the door as an artwork that could stand alone as a striking focal point. The result is a stunning collection comprising both bold and subtle contemporary designs with an understated art-deco twist that brings exciting alternatives to every customer.

And the choice does not stop there. As you would expect from a true bespoke manufacturer, the collection is anything but one of fixed designs. Architects, interior designers and specifiers can choose from an array of dramatic materials and finishes, including lavish beading and carved details as well as a new range of exotic, environmentally friendly, multi-laminar wood veneers from Alpi.

Friday 16 September 2011

Hörmann Conveying Savings

High speed curtain doors developed specifically for conveyor systems are yet another use for this highly reliable product from Hormann.  The UPVC V3009 Conveyor door is designed to operate in conjunction with automated conveyor systems through a very high number of cycles per day. Used in partitioning sections, the conveyor door helps with temperature control and the reduction of noise and drafts. With energy efficiency a key operational objective across many industries, high speed doors are now being used more and more to partition and protect, leading to increased sales.

The ongoing development of specific solutions has lead to an extensive range being readily available to suit most needs. There are options specifically for clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, wet rooms in the food processing industry and insulated doors for cold stores. There is even an ATEX door option when the fast action door is required to work in potentially explosive environments.
The key to these doors success is reliability and longevity, both key attributes that Hörmann are recognised for.  Design and technical backup, as a part of the package, means that whatever the application, Hörmann has the ability to provide the reliability, functionality and cost effectiveness you need.

For more information on the glazing options available contact Hormann direct, email, call 01530 513050, or go to

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Hillaldam Coburn Ltd - Celebrate 100 Years of Manufacturing Sliding Door Gear in the UK

August 2011 saw Hillaldam Coburn Ltd a leading UK manufacturer of sliding door gear celebrating 100 years operating in the UK.

Before the introduction of Tubular box track sliding door gear into Britain from   America, door gear was largely characterized by top bar rail and single and double wheel hangers or straps.  This sold widely in Britain and was a standard inclusion in catalogues of some old and famous names of lock and door furniture manufacturers such as,  Gibbons of Wolverhampton,  Lockerbie & Wilkinson of Birmingham, Laycocks of Sheffield,  Kenricks of West Bromwich and Youngs of Westminster.

Hillaldam Coburn’s origins actually stretch right back to February 1888 when Mr. Lemuel Coburn founded the Coburn Trolley Track Company of Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA with capital of $10,000. Production was initially undertaken in a room just 50ft x 30 ft!

The foundation of the business was Lemuel Coburn’s invention of a special form of enclosed track for sliding doors. Listed in the 1906 ‘American Trade Index’ as ‘Coburn Trolley Track Manufacturing Company, Holyoke, Mass. Trolley tracks, parlour, barn and fire door hangers, overhead tramways, rolling ladders, standard fire proof doors and hardware for same.

The rapid success of the company led to the opening of agencies in practically every city in the USA together with branch offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, also in Manchester UK. The Manchester agent was W.S.Loud, 17 Dalton Chambers, 41, Dalton Street, Manchester.

University gets an education in energy efficiency

Automatic doors are contributing several important benefits to the University of Glamorgan’s new Student Union building, including driving down energy bills.

Compact Swing Operators, from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, were installed at the entrances which not only save energy but reduce the cost of maintenance, while providing secure and easy access which complies with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The automatic doors are an important component of the new building on the Treforest campus which incorporates sustainable materials, including low voltage LED lighting and a self-heating, self-cooling system. Research has shown that the electricity cost to operate an automatic door system can be as little as £32 per year* but they can make a significant contribution to energy savings, making automatic doors the ideal choice for the university.

How To Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a disorder that causes pain in the hands, and is usually triggered through excessive use of a computer.Be sure that your keyboard is at elbow level.

  • Be sure that your keyboard is at elbow level.
  • Use a wrist pad under your keyboard.
  • Use a mousemat that has a hand rest on it, one with a raised soft pad at the front of the mat.

Take regular breaks and ....
  • While seated fold your arms in front of you and turn your body to the left and then to the right. This will loosen any tension in your shoulders and back.
  • Also from a seated position do the same but this time turning your head to the left and then to the right. This will loosen tension in your neck muscles.
  • Stand up and stretch, as this will help to stop any tenseness in the muscles and loosen up your upper body.

I work on a computer all day and find that following the guidance above has been a great help.

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UK consumers vote the telephone as the most frustrating customer service channel

Research from Econsultancy, a publisher of independent advice and insight on digital marketing and e-commerce, has found that despite one in three consumers citing the telephone as their preferred channel for customer service, 48% also find it the most frustrating.

In a survey of 2,000 UK consumers, the telephone was voted three times more frustrating than email and eight times more frustrating than live chat. In a clear sign of the demand for excellent customer experience, one in eight consumers even said they would be happy to pay a fee in return for a superior level of service.

The Econsultancy research sought to unearth consumer views on multichannel customer service. The findings provide a clear picture of how brands are struggling to coordinate channels and eliminate customer frustration. Despite the phone being the most established channel for customer service, 61% failed to identify it as the most effective channel when trying to contact a UK brand. When asked about the reasons for phone frustration, respondents cited queues, automated responses and premium rate numbers.

Sears Settles Garage Door Opener Lawsuit in New Jersey

A news story from Professional Door Dealer magazine......

Sears Roebuck and Co. on Thursday was able to settle a three-and-a-half-year-old consumer class action lawsuit in New Jersey federal court that accused Sears of deliberately selling faulty garage door openers. Sears and the plaintiffs “amicably resolved” all of the claims, according to the source.

Read the full article on their website 

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Ford of Britain 100: Image of the Week - 37/52

To celebrate the centenary of Ford of Britain in 2011 the company is exploring its photo archive to reveal rarely seen images. Ford's unique relationship with Britain and its society is being illustrated each week by specially selected pictures.

Ford has enjoyed many successes in motorsport but one of its rarest creations came about thanks to a failure. In 1970, on the way back from an unsuccessful Monte Carlo Rally, Ford’s then competitions director Stuart Turner, and Ford rally driver, Roger Clark, discussed the need for a light and simple mid-engined car capable of taking various engines.

The result was the GT70. Ford drivers, including Hannu Mikkola and Timo Makinen, contributed ideas for the interior and Len Bailey, one of the Ford GT40 design team, was tasked with designing a car "strong enough to win rallies and light enough to win races". Just six chassis were completed and the GT70 featured in this week's image has remained in Ford ownership since it was built.

Rare Ducati Racer Fuels Interest

Historics beckons bike lovers to Brooklands

Historics at Brooklands, the auctioneer of fine classic and sports cars, is offering motorcycle enthusiasts equal opportunity to purchase a bike of the same exceptional standard, having consigned an extremely rare former factory racer to its sale on Saturday 22nd October.

One of just six such bikes ever built, the series 2 1965 Ducati 350SC (Sport Corsa) was originally hand crafted for the Barcelona endurance races, and in the late 1960’s, was taken by Ducati team rider Franco Farne to South Africa to promote the Ducati brand to a new audience.

Based loosely on the more subtle 250 production bikes, the works 350SC boasted amongst other upgrades, a twin cradle frame, special alloy Marzocchi forks and sand-cast engine cases which housed a close ratio 5-speed gearbox, unique to the 350SC with its wider gears and longer shafts, and weighing just 117kg (257lbs) was capable of reaching 124mph.

HMRC issues reminder on new tax return penalties

Accountancy firm, Synergee Ltd has warned their clients that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has issued a reminder on new tax return penalties that come into effect this Autumn.

Read the full article on their website.

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How to Climb to the Top of a Transmission Tower

Suggest you go and make a cup of tea and then take a break to watch this and make sure you've got a head for heights!

Here's the link

Wait for the cartoon intro  to finish, then hold on to your  seat - you will need sound.

Image by Carlos Luz

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Thursday 15 September 2011

Prime Minister urges MPs to take part in small business ‘work experience’ scheme

 David Cameron backs Business Buddy scheme ahead of Cabinet Office minister’s pie shop visit

The Prime Minister David Cameron is encouraging MPs to gain valuable ‘work experience’ in local small businesses by taking part in the Business Buddy scheme being run by the Forum of Private Business.

Business Buddy aims to foster a greater understanding of small businesses among politicians by providing them with hands-on experience of day-to-day life at a firm in their constituency. As part of the scheme, on Friday 16 September Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin will visit Bridport Gourmet Pies in his West Dorset constituency.  

“The Coalition Government is committed to making the coming decade the most entrepreneurial and dynamic in Britain’s history,” said Mr Cameron, writing in support of the initiative.

“To make this a reality, we need to understand the real issues that small businesses face on a day-to-day basis and use that information to help ensure that entrepreneurs are given every opportunity to successfully start and grow their businesses.

Automated Garage Doors - Legal Requirements

Following a recent joint meeting of the Door and Hardware Federation's (DHF) Garage Door Installer and Manufacturer groups, agreement was reached to promote to the industry the legal requirements associated with the automation of garage doors. Whilst DHF members and many independent installers comply, despite the law having been in force for many years, a large proportion of garage door installers still do not abide by the requirements.

It is against the Law to install a power operated garage door in the UK without complying with The Machinery Directive - you can download an information sheet on the requirements here.

Adams Rite Keeps Security in Focus at the Sharp Project

Adams Rite’s high security Sentinel 6 package has been used to secure innovative office spaces in the heart of Manchester.

Occupying Sharp Electronics former premises, The Sharp Project in Manchester provides creative office space and sound stages for the latest generation of media and digital enterprises. Offering space for everything, from full-scale broadcast productions to corporate offices for law firms. BBC productions and prestigious digital media companies have already taken up residence here, praising its flexibility and connectivity. 

Adams Rite’s Sentinel 6 locking package, which features the specially developed mortice mechanical deadlock and complementary Europrofile cylinder and escutcheon, was specified by the Greater Manchester Police, due to its Secured by Design accreditation and ability to achieve LPS 1175 (Security Rating 2), when used in a complete door set.

Powered Gates

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Fire & Security

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