Tuesday, 20 September 2011


EnduraCor™, the doorset core from Leadersflush Shapland, is one hundred times more durable than multi-layered chipboard according to a recent independent test.

The test, which was carried out by Warrington APT, went beyond the standard EN1192 soft and heavy body impact tests to more accurately reflect the every day rigours that doorsets endure in harsh environments like schools and hospitals. The cyclic testing carried out exceeded the requirements of EN1191 by one million cycles. This easily equates to the number of door opening occurrences throughout the lifespan of a heavily populated building.

EnduraCor’s superior components, comprising flax board core, mdf sub-facing and softwood stiles and rails, underpin its superior durability by providing an outstanding fixing capacity for ironmongery. This highly cost-effective solution could significantly reduce ‘whole life’ repair and maintenance costs, which is an ongoing concern in school and hospital buildings. Ultimately, it may never have to be replaced.

In addition, EnduraCor™ offers all the other outstanding performance options you would expect from Leaderflush Shapland, including fire rating of up to 60 minutes and up to 30 RwdB sound reduction. It can also help specifiers achieve BREEAM rating as it is manufactured using sustainable materials in accordance with BRE and achieves a Green Book A rating. 

Truly built to last, EnduraCor™ provides specifiers with more durability and value today and tomorrow.

Leaderflush Shapland is time served at going beyond the standard and exceeding expectations. To find out more about more about EnduraCor™ and the test that ‘goes beyond,’ please visit www.leaderflushshapland.co.uk or call 01773 530 500.

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