Thursday, 15 September 2011

Automated Garage Doors - Legal Requirements

Following a recent joint meeting of the Door and Hardware Federation's (DHF) Garage Door Installer and Manufacturer groups, agreement was reached to promote to the industry the legal requirements associated with the automation of garage doors. Whilst DHF members and many independent installers comply, despite the law having been in force for many years, a large proportion of garage door installers still do not abide by the requirements.

It is against the Law to install a power operated garage door in the UK without complying with The Machinery Directive - you can download an information sheet on the requirements here.

To comply with the Machinery Directive both the door and the operator used in the Installation must have a declaration of Incorporation from the manufacturer.

On completion of the installation the Installer must provide a Declaration of conformity and apply a CE mark giving details of the installation to the door / operator combination, which is now classed as a machine.
  • The Installer must issue to the customer a Declaration of Conformity on the completion of the installation.
  • The Installer must hold copies of both the Declarations of Incorporation and the Declaration of Conformity on a technical file for inspection by the relevant authorities.
  • If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled the Installation is illegal.
Visit the Door and Hardware Federation website for more information on the Machinery Directive or download an information sheet on the requirements here. 

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