Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Top tips to get editorials published free

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Do you know the difference between Advertising and Editorial? 

Possibly not, because our experience over the years in the door and hardware industry has shown us that there’s plenty of confusion out there - so here's an explanation .....   

Advertising (Display Ads) - Advertising is a paid for means of communication used to persuade readers to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Have a look at what other companies advertise and then view our advertising rates.

Editorial (News Stories) - An editorial is a news story, written from a press release, either by the newspaper or magazine or by the company seeking publicity. 

Publication, depending on the length of the story and whether images and logos are supplied, is normally free of charge, especially if you advertise as well. 

So how to you go about advertising or placing editorial? 

Advertising - You can place an advert in our publication for as little as £485 plus VAT for a half page advertorial, thats half advert and half editorial.

You will need to plan what you want to advertise, obtain some high quality images, write a headline and some copy and retain a graphic designer to produce your advert. Alternatively, ask our design agency about the cost of doing it for you – simple!

Editorial - We are always looking for interesting stories from companies in the industry about their new products, exhibitions, contracts won etc - and don't forget they are normally published free of charge.

If you have never written a story or press release for a magazine before, it’s probably worth getting one produced for you which can then be used as a template in the future.

Look on Yell for a local PR agency and call them in to discuss your requirements, or you could try using peopleperhour.com where there are plenty of inexpensive writers advertising. If you can’t find anyone we can probably recommend someone for you.

To discuss your advertising and editorial requirements in more detail please contact us.

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