Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Small and Mighty – GEZE UK Launches a Tiny Powerhouse

Small and mighty – the Levolan 120 sliding door system moves
 sliding doors leaves of up to 120kg.

It may be small but it packs a punch! The launch of GEZE’s new sliding door system is a real David and Goliath affair.

The Levolan 120 belies its modest appearance – the slimline fitting can effortlessly move internal doors of up to 120kg with elegant ease.

It has twice the load-bearing capacity of its “little brother”, the Levolan 60 which won the Plus X Award and was named the Best Product of 2014, in its category.

The Levolan 120 shares its discreet aesthetic: with straight lines and modular composition, it’s a system which is highly adaptable. Its sleek track, which is only 50mm high, includes integrated derailing protection and can be conveniently installed from the front.

This means that large panelled sliding doors – made from glass, wood, metal or plastic - which have interior design impact and a real “wow factor” can be put in place in the knowledge that their practical application can be effectively managed.

Additional safety is provided by the Levolan 120 SoftStop draw-in damping device which can be incorporated into the track as an option. The sliding door leaves are gently guided into their end position with little possibility of anything hitting the frame or risk of fingers being trapped.

The system has specially designed roller carriers which ensure outstanding load distribution enabling the leaves to move easily and almost silently. Its derailing protection is triggered automatically when the height of the door leaf is adjusted, ensuring that the best possible level of opening and closing is provided.

The clamping roller carriage is designed for glass thickness of 10 - 12.76mm which allows the Levolan 120 to be installed with door leaves made of laminated safety glass.

Its compact dimensions make is extremely versatile meaning it can be installed on a wall, suspended from a ceiling or glass fanlight or invisibly mounted within a ceiling.

The Levolan Smart fix installation system makes fitting fast and straightforward – just one Allen key and one open-ended spanner are needed to set the height of the cam – and the leaf and roller carriage can be mounted on the track and calibrated from the front.

Due to its modular composition, the Levolan 120 can be provided as ready-made sets configured to the customer’s needs or as individual parts.

The modular construction of the Levolan system also means that the parts for the Levolan 120 and the Levolan 60 are interchangeable – reducing the number of parts required for installing sliding door leaves of different weights and sizes.

Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK said: 
The Levolan 120 is a “tiny powerhouse” capable of moving large sliding doors “easily and effortlessly”
“This Levolan 120 is an evolution to our existing award-winning interior sliding door system, with a phenomenal load movement capacity, modest in size and near silent in operation. We are confident that this product will be the ideal solution to large door leaf requirements which are currently very popular within contemporary interior design schemes.”
For more information about the Levolan 120 and GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit www.geze.co.uk.

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