Tuesday 9 August 2022

Case Study: Reservoir Security Solutions

Jacksons Fencing specified to install rising arm barrier to provide pay-on-foot access control at Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire.

Farmoor Reservoir in Oxfordshire is situated around 5 miles from Oxford. It is a crucial component of the water system, a special habitat for wildlife, and a well-liked fishing and sailing location. 

The reservoir, which is the largest body of open water in the county, is owned and managed by a long-standing customer of Jacksons Fencing. Like most of the reservoirs in the Thames Valley, it was not created by damming a valley.

There are three nature reserves on this site, together creating a popular destination for visitors who like taking excursions through the countryside. They offer a variety of activities including sailing, fishing, and birdwatching. Visitors can also enjoy the waterside café, which offers amazing views. 

Parking facilities are available on-site, and in order to prevent unauthorised vehicles and campers from staying at the nature reserve, a barrier was required. Installing a barrier also enforced a parking charge, so that contributions can help maintain the reservoir and support the upkeep of the area.

Wildlife crime on the rise

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, there was a disturbing rise in reports of crime against wildlife and nature reserves. Wildlife and Countryside Organisation report that these forms of crimes rose by between 35-90% in 2020. 

The report found that more nature reserves are witnessing an increase in people attempting to break into sites on motorbikes, picking locks, climbing gates, and cutting fences, for example. Nature experts and conservationists are calling for more action to prevent these incidents occurring. One way is by increasing security and installing barriers to prevent and control access.

The Project

In 2021, the main aim of the reservoir project was to install a robust barrier to prevent unauthorised access out of hours and therefore reduce the risk of criminal activity. An automated rising arm barrier-controlled pay-on-foot car park system was specified and installed to allow access for those wishing to visit the site. 

Visitors can pay at the machine inside the lot, which then permits the vehicle to exit the site when the parking has been paid.

Jacksons Fencing’s rising arm barrier has a boom width of 3.6 metres and raises when a car enters. Once the car has passed and entered the car park, this then closes.

After visiting, guests can pay at the provided machine which is user-friendly and can be used for cash and card payments, catering to all visitors. If needed, there is the option to call a remote help centre if any assistance is required. The machine dispenses a card once paid which is used to exit the car park.


The barrier-controlled system has been installed for over a year and the customer is very pleased with its reliability and the fact that several problems of risk and security have been addressed.

As with all of Jacksons’ products, everything comes with a 25-year service life guarantee. Being able to provide safe, secure solutions that are reliable and sustainable is really important, and in doing so this installation has helped to protect and preserve the nature reserve.

Peter Jackson, Jacksons Fencing Managing Director, comments: 
“It was an honour to be specified for this vital project which aimed to secure and protect the popular nature reserve. Providing them with a robust access control solution allows the site to continue to be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.”
He continues: “We hope the solutions we’ve installed will ensure that it continues to be a popular destination, and it can carry on being a crucial component of the water system for the area. Investing in long-lasting, high-quality products ensures these critical services are fit for purpose now and for years to come.”
To find out more about Jacksons Fencing’s security solutions, click here.

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