Thursday, 26 July 2012

Asset Tags - A new concept in home security

Homeowners urged to reassess their personal and home security following worrying crime statistics.
  • New research reveals 17 per cent of homeowners have been burgled.
  • 22 per cent have experienced verbal abuse and 13 per cent have been physically assaulted.
  • An online Health and Safety resource has advised homeowners to increase security measures in light of findings.
Homeowners have been encouraged to reassess their personal and home security measures following worrying crime statistics from According to new research by the comparison website, 17 per cent of people have been burgled, 22 per cent have experienced verbal abuse and 13 per cent have been physically assaulted.

In a bid to reduce the crime rate in the UK, has advised people to apply an asset tag to anything valuable and to invest in CCTV. The online resource has also urged citizens to look out for their neighbours (particularly elderly or vulnerable members of the community) and to install burglar alarms where possible.

Matt Hornsby, a spokesman for the site said: “Unfortunately, crime levels in the UK are relatively high, so it’s essential to protect your property. Bolting doors and windows is a start, but investing in a high-quality security system will help put your mind at rest. There are many gadgets and gizmos available online, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.”

He continued: “Research by criminologists from home insurer LV= has also indicated that five per cent of burglaries in 2011 were carried out by criminals who were stealing specific brands to order. Apple, Samsung and Sony were the most targeted, so it’s worth labelling your goods with asset tags. These adhesives might be small, but they can help police track and trace items that go missing.”

The survey by has shown that UK residents are already trying to protect their wellbeing – and their belongings. Research shows that 61 per cent keep their doors locked all day, 23 per cent keep a weapon close at hand and 47 per cent don’t answer the door after dark – but more can be done.

Commenting on the recent findings, Hornsby stated: “People are certainly making an attempt to keep safe, but efforts must be improved. 47 per cent of those surveyed might not open the door after dark but what about the other 53 per cent? As a health and safety resource, we’re really encouraging people to stay as safe as possible and to report anything suspicious to the police”.

For information on asset tags and labelling systems visit

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