Saturday, 14 July 2012

Who’d be a Director?

Christopher Burgon - Saunders Law
The six points below provided by Christopher Burgon, top litigation consultant at Saunders Law, outline the legal responsibilities to consider when becoming a director.

• Holding a directorship, whether it be in a multi-national corporation or in a small start up, means responsibility as well as privileges

• A director has a duty to promote the success of the company and to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence, and to avoid any conflicts between their own and the company’s interests

• Any shareholder can bring an action against a director for negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust

• Directors can be held personally to account by liquidators or administrator if the company becomes insolvent

• Much diverse legislation can be used to prosecute a director, and they can be prosecuted in their own right for bribery, fraud, insider-dealing and price-fixing

• Care, diligence, and common sense, along with sound, commercially based legal advice, means there is no reason why any director should fall foul of the law

Saunders Law is a central London law firm with 37 years' litigation experience, particularly known for its work in criminal defence, motoring, fraud, regulatory and litigation.

Christopher Burgon qualified as a solicitor in February 2000 and has specialized in litigation throughout his career. Christopher has experience of a wide range of disputes affecting businesses and property owners. His experience includes complex, high value disputes and he works for a wide variety of clients including high net worth individuals, businesses, charities, housing associations and local authorities.

For more information or to discuss a particular matter contact Christopher Burgon, Litigation Consultant, Saunders Law: 020 7632 4300

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