Friday, 15 July 2016

Which would you choose to secure your belongings – a padlock or a rope?

A property hundreds of years ago may have had no more security than a piece of rope - thankfully technology evolves, and this is no less true with roller garage doors.

Over the years a number of different types of locking systems have been developed for roller garage doors, with varying degrees of security and quality.

Listed below is a range of lifting and locking systems available today, from the least effective to most secure currently on the market. Cheaper doors will most likely use the most basic systems, but for suppliers wishing to offer the highest standards better options are available.  It’s then a choice for the installer and end user which they would prefer to use to the secure the garage.

The most basic method is directly fixing the lath to the barrel, this is generally done without a reinforced top profile and therefore does not help the longevity of the curtain. Also in most cases the curtain can still be lifted when in the closed position. 

Next is the ‘T’ spring, which is a thin piece of metal attaching the barrel to lath. This system relies on the lath ‘locking’ out when opened against the hood (assuming it has a hood installed) and as with direct fixing this could easily be lifted when in the closed position.

The most popular method is the Autolock. Fixing to the 70mm octagonal barrel with two rings per lock the Autolock connects to the lath. This is much better than t-springs or direct fixing, but has its problems and limitations. Straps can and do break under stress and strain.

The superior option is the sprung steel reinforced and durable Deprat locking straps available from JD (UK) Ltd. When used in combination with the 89mm cylindrical barrel and Deprat rings this system offers the highest standard of security available.

“Secured by Design” has long been recognised as the gold standard in the testing and accrediting of security products. The Deprat locking system has been tested by a manufacturer to SBD level, surpassing other locking systems tested!

Deprat locking systems also offer
  • Excellent locking of the curtain in the closed position
  • Less locking and lifting straps required compared to traditional Autolock systems due to the        heavy duty quality of the product
  • The curtain rolls into a true circle, which reduces the marking to the door finish
  • Tighter rolling diameters for minimum hood diameter
  • Great sales potential against inferior products

The Deprat system it is not a product offered by all manufacturers

Therefore it is a fantastic selling point for end users who know quality when they see it. Just by showing them a sample of a t-spring or standard autolock and barrel and comparing this against a Deprat locking system and barrel, the Deprat really does win every time.

Deprat is a quality and growing name in the UK, over 5000 roller garage doors already use this superior system.

If your roller door manufacturer doesn’t offer Deprat, please contact JD UK Ltd on 01924 472 924 and they’ll  put you in touch with a local manufacturer who does. A local friendly supplier can also give you that local service which is sometimes key to winning orders.

Alternatively please email for further information and suppliers.

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