Tuesday 17 January 2017

Wakefield Town Hall is a People’s Palace

The refurbishment of an ornate Victorian Town Hall has breathed new life into a Grade I listed building and allowed it to open its doors as a place of celebration as well as administration.

GEZE UK has helped restore a sense of civic pride to Wakefield Town Hall which has undergone a major refurbishment and added a touch of modernity to its grand interiors.

The installation of automatic doors – powered by GEZE operators - within the redesigned interior has given the building, which originally opened in 1880, additional safety, security and convenience while maintaining the authenticity of the elaborate Victorian decor.The old and the new are subtly blended – each contemporary element gives a nod to its surrounding heritage.

The creation of a glazed inner lobby, within an original open archway which frames the town hall’s traditional heavy, wooden-leaf doors, provides access to a waiting area and beyond into offices and function rooms.

A Slimdrive SL NT operator powers these bi-parting doors which incorporate etched glass panels. These allow visitors to see the ornate detail of the building’s interior while providing a practical draught lobby. The pattern of squares on the glass mirrors the ornate plasterwork in the ceiling above. They are one of the attentions to details that blend together, the old and new so seamlessly.

Another key aspect in the design has been to make the mechanisms of modern-day convenience as unobtrusive as possible. Due to their slim design and a drive unit height of just 7cm, the Slimdrive range can be discreetly installed so they are barely noticeable, and as with all GEZE’s automatic operators, they assist with the demands of the Equality Act and are BS 8300 compliant – helping make the town hall accessible to all.

The work on the automatic doors was undertaken through Laidlaw and Door System Installations which GEZE UK has worked with on many occasions.

Also, fitted to the building are six pairs of Slimdrive EMD-f electromechanical swing door operators, two pairs to each floor. Like the Slimdrive SL NT, at just 7cm high, the Slimdrive EMD-F operator is extremely discreet and sits neatly on the frame. It provides assisted manual or automatic opening using the operating button with guaranteed constant opening and closing speed.

Despite their period appearance, the sets of double doors were a bespoke addition manufactured from hardwood by Longdon Doors to blend with the original Victorian design aesthetic. They are fire-rated and were independently tested with the ironmongery and have intumescent seals which expand in the event of a fire and seal off the gap between the door and the frame - preventing the spread of fire and smoke. This combined fire and smoke seal prevents the spread of smoke prior to the fire seal activating. The Slimdrive EMD-fs have also been fire tested and holds the Certifire Certificate of Approval CF 860 and has fire resistance of up to 120 minutes.

The ornate leaded fanlights which sit over each set of doors are also new additions and reflect the geometric patterns within the original glazing around the front doors. The operators for the swing doors were completed with brass covers to complement the finish of the original ironmongery.

Access control was fitted to each of the Slimdrive EMD-fs which incorporate rebated electrical shear locks, hidden within the frame. This was for aesthetic reasons - the architect did not want to see anything more than was absolutely necessary on the ornate doors. Proximity readers allow staff to flash a fob at a reader on the wall to open the door – providing a vital security element to safeguard the council chambers and offices.

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic operators, manual door closers and window technology products call 01543 443000 or visit www.geze.co.uk.

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