Monday 13 December 2021

Alpha Deuren launches a new Extra-Large Door Variant - The ISO 40 mm XXL

Alpha Deuren is expanding its sectional door portfolio with an extra-large model. "ISO 40 mm XXL" is available in widths from 8 metres to 10 metres and heights up to a maximum of 6 metres. 

Equipped with 40 mm thick PU-foamed steel sandwich panels and a micro-profiled outer cover, the new industrial door also has very good sound and heat insulation (U=0.52 W/m2K). In addition, the new product from the Dutch manufacturer impresses with its modern design and smooth running. When opened, the horizontally arranged panels slide quietly under the ceiling.

For the delivery of particularly large workpieces, correspondingly high and wide hall openings with oversized industrial doors are required. To meet this demand, Alpha Deuren has extended the size range for its best-selling industrial door, ISO 40 mm. Dimensions of up to 10,000 mm width and 6,000 mm height are now possible (previously: 8,000 x 6,000). Furthermore, Alpha Deuren is sticking to the proven design.

"ISO 40 mm XXL", as the new model is called, consists of 40 mm thick steel sandwich panels (sections) with polyurethane foam as filling and a micro-profiled outer cover shell. Thanks to this structure, the door has excellent sound-insulating and heat-insulating properties. 

The panels are arranged horizontally and slide under the ceiling with pleasant smoothness when opened. The weight of the door is balanced by torsion springs. There is an optional panel variant made of aluminium with an anodised finish and double-walled acrylic, polycarbonate or Plexiglas panes, as well as single-walled perforated aluminium sheet in two variants.

Good corrosion protection is very important - especially for outdoor use. That is why the running rails of the new extra-large doors are made of galvanised steel. At the same time, the connections between the individual panels are wind- and water-resistant. The door fittings are also galvanised. 

The running surface of the rollers is made of wear- and impact-resistant nylon. Top, side and bottom seals are made of high-quality and robust EPDM rubber. The same applies to the sealing between the panels. Added to this are steel cables with a 6-fold safety factor.

ISO 40 mm XXL is not only convincing in terms of comfort, functionality and durable material. Thanks to a wide range of colours, planners and architects can draw on a broad spectrum of creativity. A coloured exterior is already available in 19 standard colours at no extra charge. 

The window elements in the roller shutter doors are available in various designs, sometimes with straight, sometimes with rounded corners or with multi-pane insulating glazing. The ISO 40 mm XXL has an electric motor with gear. The control system is available with dead man's function, pulse operation or remote control. 

The range of accessories includes light grids, hazard warning lights and cylinder locks. On request, the coating can be realised in almost all RAL colours. Increased wind resistance is also possible.

Conclusion: ISO 40 mm XXL convinces specifiers with its high-quality manufacturing, quiet running behaviour and, thanks to the micro-profiled steel sandwich panels, excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. With its modern design, the door surface offers an attractive look. In short: It is a true all-around model, where price, performance and application possibilities work together perfectly.

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