Monday 29 May 2023

Rowland Door Services 40th Anniversary – 2023

2023 marks Rowland Door Services' 40th anniversary of trading, a milestone that the company is really proud to celebrate.

From humble beginnings with one man in a van to achieving 40 years of providing outstanding and unrivalled service to a multitude of contracts across an array of different industries and sectors.

Managing Director and Owner Glenn Rowland shares his thoughts on this amazing achievement:

“In the beginning God created man, then he created RDS.

One thing was for certain this industry was in my blood, my father had successfully managed Bolton Gate Company for many years, and during that time many family members had successfully created their own prospects doing the same; some of them right through to retirement which proves that once you’re in the chances are you’re in for good, we didn’t see this at the time but it is something I’m sure you all feel at some point.

For me my role model was my father, I watched him for many years dedicate 100% of his life to ‘the empire’ even well beyond his retirement age.

His passion was his work, even at his ripe old age he would want to come to work with me just to keep his hand in and to keep himself moving but sadly age got the better of him this was not always possible but always enquired about the business which spurred me on even more.

My mother was my grounding person, she ensured that my feet stayed firmly on the ground as long as she could, I was very lucky to have had these people in my life, and I still believe their watchful eyes are still watching over me every step of the way.

After leaving school and with the added benefit of my family working in this industry with a company that was known as ‘the empire’ (Bolton Gate Co) my dad suggested that I at least did an apprenticeship which I decided to start, I proceeded to work every day with only one thing in my sights and that was to start my own business, I started my apprenticeship at 16 and finished at 21.

In 1983 I decided that this was the year, I hated working for Bolton Gate which had now been taken over by Tarmac so decided that at some point the time had come, this came much sooner than expected and with the help of my cousin who gave me £250 to paint their garage and a Datsun van I was up and running, things were tough, I remember my first Lloyds bank manager agreeing a £200 overdraft with a guarantee, which was my cousin once more.

Once I had started to gather speed and get some regular work, I knew I would never be able to look back, only forward. RDS grew quickly, we then became a limited company and things really started to accelerate and now I am writing about achieving 40 successful years of trading.

There are far too many names to mention but I do honestly thank you all truly for your loyalty and support shown to RDS throughout our 40 years of trading.

 We have some great suppliers & trade partners, who have been a constant source of support as we have grown and have also been there when times were tough, I appreciate everything anyone and everyone has done for RDS and me personally.

I must now move on to my employees, as with all businesses people come and go but certain members of our current staff with a few in particular have been around through thick and thin and remained loyal employees, in an industry that let’s be honest loyalty and commitment can often be brought into question. 

A special thank you to all of the members of staff, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and long will you remain part of the RDS family & team, this thank you also goes to every single person who continues to play our part in RDS's successes and also to people who have moved on, we are what we are today all because of our people and what they have put in.

My intention was always to ensure the family name would continue and that it will, I am fortunate enough to have a great team heading up RDS and I know it’s in very safe hands here’s to the next 40 years.

One of the hardest things for me is slowly letting go of the day-to-day activities, I loved being out there chatting with clients, taking orders, giving advice and just being there to support the brands and to provide our unrivalled support which has been our strength for many years. 

That personal hands-on attention to detail used to fire me up every day, guiding RDS through the murky waters certainly drained me of quality time with the family but the focus was always a priority to success.

For me, the business has drawn together a family, each and every one in the business should feel the warmth of the whole team from top to bottom. 

Something which I thank you all for your continued loyalty, dedication and support to achieve this to the level RDS now stands, you should all be proud of your accomplishments and long may this continue”

To mark this occasion, we will be participating in several fundraising events throughout 2023 in a bid to raise vital funds and awareness for a local charity “The B30 Foodbank”.

A selection of our staff trained for the Birmingham Half Marathon that they participated in earlier this month (May) and we also intend to undertake the 3 peaks challenge later in the year. We will also be running many other events including a summer charity golf day.

We are currently looking for donations for our chosen charity, all donations can be made through our dedicated Just giving page, use the QR code for more information on our Just Giving page.

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