Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sustainable location, location, location

According to Phil Spencer, the presenter of Location, Location, Location and its spin-off, Relocation, Relocation, there are several ways to add value to your house, as well as make it more saleable, beyond doing the obvious such as converting loft space or adding a conservatory. 

 The property guru suggests that you take a long look at the outside of the property, because it is so easy to just take the overall appearance of your home for granted when you pass through your door every day.  

In fact, he recommends that one should refurbish the front door by replacing worn looking handles and letterboxes, or replace the door itself if it looks shabby. Because first impressions count, he also recommends painting the house, changing windows so that they look smart and in keeping with the age of the property, and then concentrate on the kitchen.

He says: “If you are only going to improve one room, make it the kitchen. This has now become the showpiece area of the home. We don’t just cook in it, we do homework in it, and we watch television in it and hold dinner parties there.  The number one priority is creating a handsome and efficient work surface …”

Well, all of this is going to cost quite a lot of money, and this is where a company called Plastic Surgeon can save a tidy sum for those people selling their homes.  Why replace a door with a gouge in it when one of their finishers can repair it by filling, sanding and then colour-matching it perfectly so that it looks brand new?

The same can be said for the kitchen, which to replace is both disruptive and very expensive, because it would inevitably involve calling in other trades such as electricians, plumbers and tiling specialists.

Plastic Surgeon's finishers frequently repair gouges, burns and scratches on worktops, unit doors and even floor or wall tiles.  Plus they are expert at repairing chips in ceramic, steel and composite sinks, as well as scratches or dents on white goods such as cookers, cooker hoods and dishwashers. This their finishers also do in bathrooms, undertaking repair work to sinks, baths, showers, bidets and toilets.

In fact, their finishers can also complete all the little jobs that never seem to get done – or go wrong - by the enthusiastic DIYer, that make the sale of a property unlikely.  Phil Spencer explains: “If you make a very visible mess or bodge-up, it raises all sorts of questions in the buyer’s mind about all the more crucial bodge-ups they can’t see, for example, electrics and plumbing.”

Brick Tinting
 They can also tint bricks that may be inaccurate in colour so that they match exactly; remove gouges out of plastic, timber and steel doors, windows and cills; their finishers can also repair damage to the stone, cladding, rendered, block or brick walls of a property – internally and externally – and then mix the right colour to compliment the surrounding hue. 


In fact, it would seem that they are able to repair just about anything!

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