Thursday, 4 May 2017

New NT1203 Garage Door Control Panel From NVM

North Valley Metal (NVM) are pleased to announce the launch of their latest generation NT1203 Single Phase Control Panel with Integral LED Light for Garage Doors.

Beautifully presented with a translucent front cover and an array of 30 LED lights, the unit offers functionality with design and reliability.

The super bright LED Courtesy Light is pre-set to remain on for 3 minutes after any function is operated including Remote Control, Radar or a Manual Switch and has no Light Bulbs to break or replace.

The unit is fitted with Up / Stop / Down buttons on the Front Panel enabling manual operation from inside the garage whilst the Casing and Cover are manufactured in one piece each and offer a robust unit that won’t easily crack or break.

Technically, this unit is one of the most advanced Garage Door Control Panels on the market and offers a full range of functionality including:

• Variable Run Timer

• Variable Timed Control

• Fully Monitored Safety Edge & Photocell Functions

• Manual Switch

• Remote Control

• Deadman Up / Deadman Down–Impulse Up / Down

• Plug In Terminals

• Stop on Impact, Stop and Return, Stop and Return for 2 Seconds options.

• LED Courtesy Light with 3 minute timer.

• IP65 Rated Waterproof Box

• Shock Proof Relays.

Supplied Pre-Wired with 1000mm of 3 core cable and standard UK 3 Pin Plug, the latest Control Panel has been designed and manufactured with the installer in mind.

Plug-In Terminals speed up connection to the external devices, whilst the unit is supplied with 2 pre-programmed Fob Handset Transmitters as standard.

The unit can be supplied with either the NT1016 Fobs common to the range of NVM Control Panels, or with the latest NT1216 Fob Handset.

The unit will also accept our popular NT1117 Wireless Wall Switch and our NT1017 Multi-Channel Fob enabling connection to up top 4 Garage Doors.

Low or Volt Free Outputs make this unit extremely safe to install and connect to the range of manual and safety devices.

Not only is the Panel loaded with functionality, it is smart too, and offers a fully compliant monitored Safety Edge Device function.

The monitoring does not end at the Safety Edge though as the software monitors the strength of the battery in the Wireless Transmitter giving the End User ample warning that the long life Lithium Battery is nearing end of life.

That same intelligence understands the needs of the End User, and although there maybe damage to the safety edge or a loss of battery strength, the panel does not simply switch off, but goes into Deadman Mode enabling the customer to continue to gain access to the garage until the damaged Safety Edge is repaired or the Battery replaced.

And to aid the customer in understanding why the door is opening in Deadman, the integral courtesy light flashes for 10 seconds every time the door is operated warning them of a problem with the Safety Edge or Battery.

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