Monday 23 November 2020

Garador Launches New Garaglide Roller Garage Door

Watch the installation video at:

The engineering and product development teams at Garador have been busy over the last 18 months, developing a new competitively-priced roller door, called the GaraGlide. 

With its tubular motor driven design, wired optical-sensor and comparatively low price, it’s one of the best value roller garage doors currently available on the market. Plus, the new door has been designed and packaged so that it is quick to fit and easy to transport to site.

GaraGlide Handset
The GaraGlide is electrically automated, so homeowners can open and close their door at the touch of a button. 

The door itself is powered by a tubular drive motor and is supplied with two remote hand transmitters as standard, with the option of either a standard (433 MHz) or bisecur (868 MHz) hand transmitter design, to control their door with, thus giving them a basic and more advanced option to choose from. 

GaraGlide Control Panel
It also has a smart new control panel, with an integrated LED light to illuminate the garage on those dark winter evenings. 

The door is also supplied with an internal crank handle for emergency release, so homeowners can still open and close the door in the event of a power cut.

The door features a wired optical sensor built into the floor seal to ensure that the door curtain stops, in the event of an obstruction. 

The optical sensor utilises light beam technology, whereby when the beam is broken the door will stop. 

Wired Optical Sensor

Quick and Easy to Install

The new GaraGlide roller door has a number of different features that make it very quick to install:
  • Pre-assembled box cover, barrel and guide rollers.
  • High quality roller wheels to improve noise reduction.
  • Extra “fold” in the hood adds rigidity and strength making installation easier.
  • Pre-drilled guide rails to further reduce installation time.
  • 75mm guide rails for single doors and 105mm for double doors, for narrow fitting conditions.
  • Supplied in two double-wall cardboard boxes, for ease of transportation to site.

Watch the installation video at:

Neil Discombe, Managing Director at Garador says: 
“The GaraGlide’s electrically automated design means the door can be conveniently opened using just a hand transmitter. The door also looks great and comes in a range of colours, so we are confident that it will appeal to a broad spectrum of customers.”

Door in closed position showing wired safety edge

The door curtain is constructed from 77mm high aluminium profiles, filled with CFC free polyurethane foam providing thermal insulation and is available in 15 standard colours, 2 timber-effect finishes and the very special Anthracite Metallic (Noir Sable 2100). 

Plain, Glazed and Vented Profile Options

In addition to the plain door curtain profiles, there’s also the option to have ventilation grilles to provide further ventilation inside the garage or glazing elements to provide natural daylight inside.

A sturdy rubber seal at the bottom of the door curtain and brush seals inside the guide rails, helps to prevent drafts inside the garage and stops unwanted leaves, dust and dirt blowing into the garage.

One of the most important aspects of the new GaraGlide roller door is the ease with which it can be transported to site without the need for a forklift. The GaraGlide is exceptionally easy to transport to site, as the whole garage door fits into just two double-wall cardboard boxes.

Garador’s Managing Director, Neil Discombe, comments: 
“It was important for us to create a product that can be shipped quickly and easily to customers. Hence we designed the packaging so that the whole garage door fits neatly into just two cardboard boxes.”
A further positive for the GaraGlide is that it’s really quick to install, with a pre-assembled box cover, barrel and guide rollers. The guide rails are also pre-drilled at the factory, further reducing installation time, and are supplied with plastic plugs for a professional finish.

Purchasing a roller door design that is easy to fit is an important consideration for builders and garage door fitters alike. With the GaraGlide, Garador have come up with a pre-assembled box cover system and a design which requires as little as 4 fixings either side and 4 along the top. 

With 75mm guide rails for doors up to 3000mm wide, and 105mm guide rails for doors over 3000mm wide, these doors are also suited to particularly narrow fitting conditions.

Safety is a key consideration with any new door design at Garador, so to meet European Safety Standards; each GaraGlide is supplied with a solid metal box cover for the curtain when it rolls up at the top of the door opening. 

The box cover, which encloses the door curtain, helps to protect the door curtain from dust, dirt and damage whilst in the open position and also prevents an individual’s fingers from becoming caught or trapped, as the curtain itself is contained.

Find out more about the new GaraGlide roller door by visiting or calling 01935 443701.

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salar sheikh said...
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Unknown said...

Hi great wright up but more importantly can this door be controlled with a smart controller via an app on my phone or trough my one automation system ? Garadore don't seem to have the answer

The Door Industry Journal said...

Unfortunately, the GaraGlide roller door isn’t smartphone compatible (no Bluetooth receiver) so you can’t use your ios or android smartphone to control it.

However, Garador has just launched (1st June 2022) a new iteration of the popular GaraRoll roller door… which features the new DuraBelt system and a new control panel with built-in Bluetooth, so the GaraRoll can be controlled via the Garador BlueSecur app on Android and ios smartphones.