Tuesday 17 November 2020

The World’s First Smart Self-Disinfecting Door Handle

A tech company has launched the world's first smart self-disinfecting door handle, which can potentially eradicate millions of pathogens per building*, save businesses thousands in cleaning costs and contribute to a post-COVID19 way of life.

Swiss tech company, Tweaq launched its self-cleaning aluminium door handle, Touch 1, in November 2020. Customers can register their interest now for delivery in 2021. 
How it works:
  1. The user engages with the door handle as they normally would.

  2. Once the door handle is released, the Tweaq Touch 1 is activated and the peristaltic pump brings the disinfectant liquid from the casing to the sponge inside the ring around the door handle.

  3. An internal system drives the outer aluminium ring backwards and forwards once along the surface, eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses in under three seconds. 
Tweaq Touch 1 is powered by an electric engine and lithium batteries which allow more than 1,000 uses per cartridge.

Installation and maintenance: 

Tweaq Touch 1 installation is under ten minutes and can be used with standard doors with no modifications required.

The casing replacement is also quick and simple for staff or households to replace themselves after 1,000 uses.

When the disinfectant liquid runs out, the user will be notified with the use of IOT. When this occurs, the user replaces it with an extra cartridge and sends the empty cartridge back to Tweaq. Tweaq then refill the cartridge and recharge the batteries before being redistributed.

The casing replacement process has been developed to be as user-friendly and sustainable as possible, requiring the least amount of interactions and waste; it has a plug and play feature allowing the user to swap the casing in less than 30 seconds – similar to plugging in a cable to a socket.


In a year where hygiene has been more paramount than ever before, the TWEAQ team has conducted extensive research and found touching one door handle is the equivalent of 10,000 handshakes.

The UK is starting to look at offices reopening again, but the internal door handles can be an issue. Tweaq has found within two hours an office of 80 people can be infected due to one contaminated door handle.

Tweaq Touch 1 allows an establishment to provide a safer environment to its employees and visitors. 

Why is it better than manual cleaning?

Tweaq’s team provided extensive research into the types of businesses its product would benefit, not only from a hygiene point of view, but as a cost saving exercise.

For example, a restaurant with 250 visitors a day would have half of the visitors use the bathroom, averaging 125 uses daily. 

This in turn equates to 40,000 uses in the year, costing $2.90 per day for a professional service to disinfect door handles**. 

In comparison, it is $1.40/ day with Tweaq Touch 1  plus the initial investment. This is a saving of over $500 a year.

Giovanni Barilla, CEO from Tweaq said: 
“We help people open doors to the world, safeguarding their every touch-point. Our product combines hardware and software technology to provide an effective and reliable solution that not only protects people but can save businesses money in the long run.
 “The world is changing mindset and attitude to investing in hygiene has completely transformed. We are thrilled to be able to offer a prevention solution that will hopefully help ease concerns and provide peace of mind for many.”
Tweaq Touch 1 is priced at £399 for two handles (one full door) and cartridge refills are at £39 for consumers and for businesses there is a £16.90/month subscription plan available. Tweaq Touch 1 will be available in four shades, grey, silver, rose gold and gold. 

Customers can  currently register interest for delivery in 2021. For larger orders, price is available on request.

About Tweaq

Tweaq is a Swiss technology company based in London. Founded by Giovanni Barilla, Baptiste Danichert and Vincent Gauye, its debut product is self-disinfecting door handle, Touch 1, which launched November 2020. 

Tweaq’s aim is to create products that genuinely impact the world, revolutionising traditional products into innovative, much-needed solutions. 

For more information, please visit www.tweaq.co

*These pathogens figures are not inclusive of coronavirus deaths.

**How much does it cost to disinfect the handles of 3 toilets twice a day?
-  2 minutes do disinfect 6 handles = 4minutes/day if only done twice
- Professional service: $43/hour = $2,90/day with professional service to disinfect door handles 
- Internal service: $25/hour = $1,70/day with internal service to disinfect door handles
This is if it is ONLY DONE TWICE A DAY and the amount of cleaning product is not being taken into account, meaning potentially an even bigger saving.  

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