Monday, 12 March 2012

Is your "Radio Security" up to Scratch?

Product Focus: Prastel SECURE Radio Systems

With so many "cloning" radio remote control products hitting the market these days it can be very confusing and difficult to know if your installations are "secure". For example, an installer may believe he has installed and commissioned a high security gate system with all appropriate physical security but may have overlooked one simple thing - Radio security!

Many products are available in the UK market now that offer cloning facilities of existing fixed code (and now rolling code) radio remotes. All that is needed is an existing remote from the site, or very brief access to the radio receiver to enable un-authorised remotes to be learnt in to the system and used without the prior knowledge of the installer, Site Management Company, or end user.

This can lead to un-authorised, non-audited access to sites and can result in the loss of property or damage.

The secure range of Prastel radio transmitters and access control products provides the solution to combat this growing issue. They are able to offer a unique SECURE coding system which not only employs rolling code technology but also utilises installer/site coding systems to prevent the possibility of remote control & receiver cloning. Using the provided PC programmer device an installer can quickly establish a safe & secure radio system unique to their company that cannot be copied by anyone else.

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