Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Yale has launched a new Anti-Snap euro profile cylinder to help locksmiths meet homeowners demand for higher levels of protection against new forms of cylinder manipulation attack.

Here, Catherine Brock, Yale Category Marketing Manager, investigates the reasons behind the launch and introduces the benefits of the new cylinder to the locksmith market.

Locksmiths well know that the ‘weak spot’ in many modern doors is the euro profile cylinder that allows the key to operate the multi-point locking mechanism - and a high level of our homes are being burgled by its attack.

Today, the potential for any thief to gain easy access to households could rise, with the knowledge of how to carry out cylinder manipulation attack increasingly becoming a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.

As the PVCu door market grows and develops, so do the methods of attacking locking mechanisms. Yale has responded to recent trends in cylinder attack with the development of their new cylinder. The Yale Anti-Snap euro profile cylinder has been tested to the current British Kitemark standard BS EN1303:2005 and also to the rigorous testing of the Sold Secure Diamond SS312 standard.

Available in euro doubles, euro singles and euro turns, Yale’s new cylinder offers three separate lines of defense to deter even the most determined of attacks.

The first line of defense is the ‘snap off front section.’ If the cylinder is attacked this will sacrificially come away, which will leave the intruder with less of the cylinder to grip.

The second feature is the hardened grip-deflectors, which make gripping the rest of the cylinder difficult. And finally, the cylinder features a hardened reinforced bar that is designed not to snap, but to flex in a way that will defeat the vast majority of intruders.

In addition to these new lines of defense, the Yale Anti-snap cylinder still has the same great features that you would expect from the original Yale Kitemarked cylinder including anti-drill, anti-bump and anti-pick protection.

In summary, the research and development that we continue to invest in new product innovation means that locksmiths can be confident in offering their customers extra peace of mind that comes built-in as standard with Yale, a lock brand that is already a homeowner’s favourite.

Yale’s new Anti-Snap Cylinder makes it difficult for burglars to enter a building and as every second counts, the burglar is likely to move on in search of easier pickings.

Yale is ready to help locksmiths work with homeowners to prevent any attack to a home, and the new innovative Anti-Snap cylinder is a simple yet effective solution that instantly offers that extra level of protection for homeowners.

For further details on Yale’s new Anti-Snap euro profile cylinders, please contact Clive Seakens on 07780 784944.

For any other products and services available for locksmiths, please visit www.yale.co.uk or email locksmiths@yale.co.uk.

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