Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ryterna Garage Doors offer Tailored Finish Solutions

Garage doors can cover up to 30% of a home's façade – a significant proportion of the building’s front view. A home's facade is like a business card - first impressions count – and therefore curb appeal should be high on the list of priorities when updating the garage door.

That's why it's so important to choose right design, colour and finish of a new garage door, because replacing an old garage door can increase house value by up to 2%. Also it‘s important to match windows, the main entrance door and garage door design and colour so that they co-exist harmoniously.

Georgian design doors still remain the top seller in the industry and they look great in white, golden oak or any other custom colour. But people with style do not want their house to look like all the others in the street – so they tend to look for something really tailor made.

A Choice of Colours
Adapting to high end customers’ demands Ryterna recently launched a new painting workshop packed with the latest technologies. Now each garage door can be painted individually allowing unique one-offs to be produced. Customers can choose almost any colour. Usually the RAL palette is used to ensure uniformity of colour, but Ryterna customers can also choose from other palettes to obtain the desired colour.

Additionally, customers can select matt or gloss finish. Starting from matt Low Sheen (~20% gloss); Eggshell (~40% gloss); Semi Gloss (~60% gloss); up to shining Gloss (~90% gloss). A glossy finish looks extremely good with smooth surface panels design like Ryterna’s Slick, TopRib or MidRib+. The 90% gloss finish surface is so shiny, it works like a mirror. Moreover, smooth surface design panels can be painted in pearl effect (metallic finish) colours if you really want to be different. (place gloss finish door image near this text)

Custom Style Designs
Ryterna also offers a wide range of stainless steel appliqués, starting from a large varied selection of small details and patterns up to customized solutions. Appliqués are made of 0.5mm stainless steel and are glued to the garage door surface. Stainless steel appliqués combined with stainless steel windows and a dark matt panel finish can create stunning effect. 

View this article online to see images of all the custom styles and appliqués.

Customers can send in their own drawings to have bespoke designs produced. These designs can be as simple as the house number or a beloved car logo, portrait or any picture. Businesses can use garage doors that face the street to publicise their logo or advertisement. Each individual appliqué is proofed back to the customer for sign-off before production. 

Powder Coated Hardware
For customers using their garage for hobbies or to keep an expensive vintage car, Ryterna offers an exclusive option – powder coated hardware. This is the same standard zinc coated tracks, hinges, brackets and bolts with the addition of a powder coated finish. Usually white, but customers can order any other colour from the wide range of powder coat colours available. If you want your garage to look as good as your dining room – this is for you.
All these features combined with made to measure garage doors up to 12 metres wide can fulfill the most demanding customer requirements.

For more information about the Ryterna range of products and how to become a Ryterna dealer please visit www.ryternagaragedoors.co.uk or call their UK Head of Sales, Narimantas Bundza on 0771 9710 525.

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