Monday 24 June 2019

Homeowners are opting to open-up their kitchens with bi fold doors from Quickslide

With warmer months almost upon us, many homeowners are turning to the improvements that will allow them to fully enjoy spending time at their home, with friends and family, over Summer. 

Trends are showing that the kitchen is a room whose purpose is changing. No longer is it solely a space for food preparation. Instead, people’s kitchens are increasingly becoming the social hub of their home.

For a dramatic transformation, building an extension or making structural changes to the home’s interior could be the first thought as an ideal route to achieving a bright, airy and sociable kitchen space. However, it needn’t be as costly or stressful.

Award-winning manufacturers, Quickslide Windows & Doors are seeing more and more homeowners opting to transform their kitchens with the installation of bi-fold doors. It seems they’re not alone as independent studies suggest that the integration of bi-fold doors in a house is perhaps more important to new buyers than a new kitchen or conservatory.

Modern look and feel

From a tired kitchen needing a new lease of life to a new home wanting the wow-factor, upgrading the kitchen’s doors from a standard singular or sliding door to bi-folding doors can help to achieve this. Bi folds are very much on trend and their sleek, unobtrusive profile will instantly update the look and feel of modern and traditional homes alike. 

Offered in aluminium and PVC-u, the material, colour and finish can be selected from a wide range of off the shelf options, presenting homeowners full design control over the aesthetics to ensure they’re in fitting with the properties look and feel.

Breath of fresh air

Not only do bi fold doors add a fashionable touch to any kitchen, they are great for the everyday, letting in large amounts of light by seamlessly joining the garden and kitchen with folding panels of glass. 

Bi folds have the power to transform homeowners’ views and it is said that luscious greens of nature are calming and therapeutic; ideal for relaxing in on a warm summer day or admiring from the comfort of a cosy kitchen during the cooler months. 

The large openings that such wide span doors create means homeowners experience enhanced ventilation when cooking, along with more space and better access to the garden for alfresco dining and entertaining.

New hub of the home

As well as transforming the kitchens look and feel and flooding the area with light to open up the space, bi-fold doors also change the way homeowners can use the space outside. The easy to use doors allow for year-round access to the garden. 

They are ideal for keeping an eye on children playing in the garden, opening quickly and easily to extend their play area. They are also perfect for parties, events and family gatherings; the doors push neatly aside to offer more space to host, creating a hybrid indoor and garden party where people can escape a spot of rain and get a drink as well as enjoy the outside air.

In summary, bi fold doors from Quickslide are increasing in popularity with homeowners on a quest to open-up their kitchens as the designs provide a seamless progression from the inside to the outside, creating a brighter and more welcoming environment.

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