Sunday 16 October 2022

Commando breaks cover: Norton Motorcycles unveils its new generation Commando 961 SP and CR

Norton Motorcycles has launched the new generation of its Modern Classic, the Commando 961. Built at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Solihull, the Commando 961 is a modern rendering of an iconic and timeless motorcycle that is unmistakably Norton.

A versatile motorcycle equally at home riding around town as it is on the open road, the new generation Commando 961 arrives in two variants: the SP and the CR.

The two variants are priced at £16,499 and £16,999, respectively.

Same icon. Different standard. About the Commando 961*

In 1967, the world had its first glimpse of the Norton Commando. The ensuing decade saw over 55,000 models sold, with the Commando winning multiple accolades including Machine of the Year for five successive years. 

Such success established the Commando as a household name, completely synonymous with the Norton brand and racing DNA, it became a British icon recognised all over the world. 

The Commando is a brand in itself. This model was and still is impacting pop culture through the decades. Loved by legendary actors and artists and featured in iconic movies through the years. 

Today, marks a momentous milestone as Norton unveils its best Commando 961 to date, built by the company’s team of passionate experts to the highest standards.

Both versions of the Commando are powered by an air-oil-cooled 961cc parallel twin, which develops 76.8bhp @7250rpm and 81Nm @6300rpm. The transmission is a five-speed constant mesh type, using a single plate wet clutch.

The Commando 961 utilises 43mm Öhlins USD forks at the front – adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. At the rear, the Commando runs a twin shock setup, again fully adjustable by Öhlins. 

The suspension is complemented by a Brembo brake setup, with radial mount calipers at the front coupled to a radial master cylinder.

Both variants come as standard with a Norton electronic analogue speedometer and tachometer, as well as a 300W high-output charging system.

The motorcycle’s beautifully hand-crafted frame and exhaust system, in combination with its signature forward angle engine mount, provides flowing lines and the quintessential hour-glass silhouette.

The new generation is available in two colour options: Matrix Black and Manx Platinum.

Delicately hand-painted, the Matrix Black finish is complimented by a Duke Gold Norton logo and pinstripe combination. The Manx Platinum version adds one further detail to its Matrix Black pinstripes with a fine Mercury Red detailing.

Both stylish options are paired with polished aluminium rims, and for those seeking a different look, the SP in Matrix Black is also available sporting black rims. To complete the vision, all versions have a hand-polished engine cover and exhaust system.

Where the SP and CR vary is in the classically styled front profile. The SP has conventional upright handlebars whereas the CR goes for a lower-profile ‘clip on’ style, with both made from high-grade, solid aluminium, accompanied by aerospace-grade billet-machined yokes. 

The polished stainless steel single headlamps also differ between the two variants to add another nuance to the look of each motorcycle. 

The new generation Commando 961 is the perfect fit for the modern rider delivering beauty without compromising on comfort, whilst simultaneously embracing classic design for those searching for that nostalgic experience and characteristic Commando ride.

Delivering a classic: Norton fulfils a promise

Norton Motorcycles recently began to fulfil orders for the previous iteration of the Commando 961, the Classic. When TVS Motor Company acquired Norton in 2020, there were 29 outstanding deposits for the Commando 961 Classic that had been placed under the company’s previous ownership. 

As a gesture of good faith to these loyal Norton enthusiasts, under TVS Motor ownership, Norton promised to fulfil the orders of those individuals yet to receive a motorcycle. 

To ensure the highest standards were upheld, all Commando 961 Classics went through an extensive quality improvement programme thanks to the £100-million investment from TVS Motor. 

Subsequently, these refinements have been implemented on the recently delivered Classic variants of the Commando, as well as playing a part in informing the development of the newly released Commando 961 SP and CR.

With deposit holder orders set to be fulfilled shortly and following the unveiling of the new generation 961 SP and CR, Norton Motorcycles can now continue its journey to creating the very best in British motorcycles.

Dr Robert Hentschel, Chief Executive Officer at Norton Motorcycles, said:
“The Commando name is iconic and is unmistakably Norton. Our new generation Commando 961 SP and CR pay respect to timeless design whilst harnessing a modern flare. We’ve built a motorcycle that is unique and beautiful.  
“We have been rigorous in our approach to ensure we are providing the very best version of the Commando 961.  
“It’s been some years since the sound of a new Commando engine has echoed through UK streets and we’re delighted to be able to offer our customers this experience once again.  
“To achieve the motorcycle’s artistic look demands supreme attention to detail and an uncompromising attitude towards using the very best quality material. 
“From the sound of the engine to the feel of the tyres on the road, this new generation Commando 961 is the perfect combination of artistry, handling, attitude, and style. 
“At our state-of-the-art facility in Solihull, and thanks to the £100-million investment from TVS Motor, we have hand-crafted a motorcycle that is befitting of the new Norton brand and one that marks yet another significant milestone in our journey.”
To find out more about the new generation Commando 961, go to: 

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