Monday 10 October 2022

Loading – safely and quietly

Loading is an everyday occurrence as goods are transported over the checker plates in the loading area. 

This not only overly strains the ears of workers but also leads to a noise nuisance for neighbours and problems in meeting urban development regulations and requirements.

At the same time, the checker plate results in high wear-and-tear of forklifts and other transport equipment. Often even damaging valuable goods in the process. Not only is the traditional checker plate unsafe for the goods, but it also poses a risk of injury for workers when they slip on the wet surface.

To meet these different requirements and to make the workplace safer mydocking specifically offers the 7mm thick NC Silence Plus coating. As tests conducted by TÜV Rheinland have shown this coating solution leads to a massive noise reduction of up to 85% (25dB). Therefore, this special coating promises to be highly cost-effective as it could reduce noise to under threshold values, possibly leading to a reduction in the number of applicable noise protection requirements.

Additionally, because it protects dock levellers and transport equipment it guarantees a longer service life of these items, while at the same time protecting the valuable goods transported and minimising transport damage. Simultaneously, tests have indicated that along with the noise reduction of this coating it also features exceptional anti-slip properties which according to DIN 51130 correspond to the anti-slip safety class R12. This results in a large improvement in workplace safety.

Its various components ensure a solid structure of the coating and guarantee its high load-bearing capacity. It was built in a way so that it is resistant to de-icing salts, diesel fuel and automotive oils to ensure a long service life. Furthermore, the NC Silence Plus coating is resistant to temperatures and hence can be used in different climates.

The greatest concern at mydocking is to prevent any downtimes. Thus, the NC Silence Plus coating was developed in a way so that it can be installed on an existing ramp within less than an hour. To allow maximum flexibility it can be attached to all loading surfaces. It, therefore, goes without saying that this coating is also available for any new dock levellers ordered at mydocking as well.

All in all, the NC Silence Plus coating is another innovative high-quality loading technology solution for an efficient and safe loading environment.

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