Sunday, 26 February 2012


How the application of vinyl transformed an unsightly storefront into an attention grabbing advertising medium.

Last December in an article on shopfront security we revealed that many planning authorities will not give planning permission for heavy duty shutters in high streets and shopping centres on aesthetic grounds.

For example, planning guidelines issued by the London Borough of Croydon state: "Where grilles and shutters are the only solution to deter criminal activity, the council will require such devices to be in character with the building and locality. Solid or perforated shutters, however well designed, will not be acceptable on the grounds that they adversely affect the character of a building and street scene, thereby contributing to an unwelcoming and hostile environment."

With such criteria in place it is very difficult for specifiers of shopfront shutters and grilles to achieve an acceptable balance between security and approved appearance. However, all may not be lost thanks to some creative thinking by media Company, Bluecarrot - read on to find out more.
Whilst operating a successful shopfitting business, founder and Managing Director Ian Cheetham was presented with a dilemma by one of his valued customers, a jewellery retailer in Chesterfield. Caught within the confines of Insurance requirements and Local Planning criteria, the retailer was forced to install security shutters to the inside of his storefront windows, which compromised the visual impact of the store during closing hours.
A ‘eureka’ moment resulted in the concept of high quality images being printed to vinyl strips, which in turn were applied to the new shutter front. The transformation created a dramatic effect, by both enhancing the shutter and providing an advertising medium for products within the store.
As the principle was developed and applied to external shutters, a graffiti-resistant coating was applied to the vinyl which enables straightforward removal of aerosol paint.
Over the years, Bluecarrot has provided media solutions for an array of high profile clients and has also secured third party advertising for vacant shutter space. Colourful, high impact shutter media can provide solutions for urban regeneration, directing customers to online services, product advertisement and brand awareness.
More and more retailers are realising the benefits of storefront advertising, particularly emphasizing online offerings when the high street outlet is closed. The full size image can accommodate an easily replaceable smaller section to advertise local or monthly promotions. 
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