Monday, 20 February 2012

Weather beating keypad from Securefast

Whatever the elements have in store the new APX-16 waterproof keypad from Securefast as been purposely designed to stand up to the challenge.
The new keypad is IP68 rated, which means it can be installed in the most extreme environments. Not only is the entire keypad protected from long periods of immersion under pressure, the units complete wiring system is also totally protected against the ingress of dust and contamination.
The APX-16 represents a new generation multiple input keypads, providing a standard 4-8 digit pin code with the option to include a proximity reader for up to 1200 users when specifying the AXP-16 PROX. The range supports pin only, card only or a combination of pin and card operation with two relay out-puts, lock and alarm.
The keypad will accept a 125KHZ EM proximity card and uses two zones. Zone one offers up to 1100 pin and card holders, whilst zone two allows up to 100 pin and card holders. The APX-16 design has a lock output of up to 2 amps and an alarm output of 20 amps, both relays are normally open or closed settable. The keypad will accept both 12-24v AC and DC power inputs.
Featuring backlit keys for easy visibility in low lit areas such as porches, under canopies or where there is poor street lighting, the APX-16 incorporates a 58mm wide super slimline design, which is both aesthetical pleasing and yet the robust zinc diecast and electroplated construction affords a reasonable measure of vandal protection.
For further information on the Securefast APX-16 please contact the sales team on: 01543 501600 or visit the web site at:
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