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A new regular comment column from Steve Ross, Managing Director at Mul-T-Lock UK is now being featured in The Door Industry Journal.
Here, in the first of many to come which was published in our Spring issue, Mul-T-Lock looks at the increase in presence of electromechanical systems and argues the case not to forget mechanical innovation.

New product and service development are essential to add value to any company.  Mul-T-Lock is no different, and even as a global brand, we are never complacent.

Mul-T-Lock is always looking for ways to add something our customers may not have been expecting, to enhance or even exceed their expectations, whilst at the same time staying abreast of latest industry standards to ensure our network of dealers is up to date.

And so, whilst some have seen the continuingly difficult economic climate as time to close down the hatches and protect their assets, Mul-T-Lock believes this is the perfect opportunity to help determine the next chapter in the life of our core business, in mechanical product development.

Mechanical v Electronic/Electromechanical
There is no question that the industry has seen a shift towards electronic and electromechanical security solutions for homes and businesses in recent times - for example, we have seen year on year growth in demand for these door solutions, which offer technology and convenience without compromising on quality and often retaining high levels of security. 

But, we also know, the technological solutions can only work with a good mechanical locking system in place, to provide the physical connection between the door and its frame. 

For this reason alone mechanical security remains to be an important sector in the UK, which has an ever-changing landscape that requires constant innovation and product development.

Good security will always depend on the locking mechanism, especially the quality of the cylinder. We can provide the most sophisticated, internet enabled, biometric scanning system in the world but if the locks are of poor design and poor quality, then security will be breached swiftly. 

It is really our responsibility as an industry to remind those responsible for security, whether of a home or business, of this back to basics approach.

Upgrading Security
There is another reason to be aware of upgrading security opportunities.  The requirement for effective mechanical locking solutions is also set to increase dramatically as a result of product lifecycles, which will see a significant majority of locks requiring replacement.

The life of a lock can be 10, 20 or 30 years and longer, so technology moves on in this period and there is no question that upgrading the lock cylinder on any door that is over 10 years old will deliver a significant improvement in protection from very little financial outlay.

This is also particularly pertinent in public sector work programmes, especially in schools and healthcare, where Government funding is now ring fenced to refurbish many sites where security measures have often been in situ since the developments were built.

Finally, the new CE regulations being enforced in July are significant.  These changes will affect everyone that deals with fire and / or smoke doors and emergency exits. 

It is the responsibility of any contractor (such as a locksmith) to ensure at all times that the product they are installing is ‘fit for purpose’ and meets the requirements of the door and building.

The real key to success is understanding the different market conditions and new opportunities, and being actively prepared to innovate and diversify, without affecting the core principles on which a company is built.

For Mul-T-Lock, our foundation was built on trusted mechanical systems and we are committed to evolving our ranges to ensure the latest innovative products are available, not only to offer the highest level of patented protection but also to enable a one stop solution where electronic and electromechanical security requirements are specified.

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Steve Ross         
Managing Director
Mul-T-Lock UK

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