Sunday, 20 October 2013

Worried About the Rising Number of Crash For Cash Scams?

Then the New Nextbase Fault-Proving Incarcam - from £79 might be just what you need for Christmas! 

Nextbase InCarCam 302G - with mount

InCarCam™ high quality HD in-car camera with GPS and G-force tracking offers price breakthrough for Christmas market.

Nextbase, major provider of in-car entertainment systems to the UK retail and automotive sector, has recently launched the new InCarCam™ range. These high definition in-car cameras (or 'dash cams') track the exact movements of a vehicle, record and log driving incidents and can prove who is at fault in a collision.
Nextbase InCarCam 202
Back image

Designed to improve road safety, they may also prevent fraudulent claims that increase insurance premiums, they can be used as evidence in the event of police involvement and they can capture other incidents such as road rage.

Suitable for all drivers, the InCarCam makes an ideal Christmas gift, with the three models in the range retailing at just £79, £99 and £149. Available now at Halfords, Tesco, Amazon and other renowned UK retailers.

Nextbase InCarCam 202
Front image
 According to statistics from the 2012 'National Road Traffic Survey', conducted by the Department for Transport and DVLA, there were 34.5 million cars on the UK roads with 1 in 236 people reporting an accident.

Motorists can experience stress and frustration when, following an accident, they cannot prove exactly what happened or who was at fault, which can often lead to ambiguity over important insurance claims, loss of no claims discount and increase in premiums.

And, as the Mail on Sunday recently reported, in-car cameras can also protect motorists from the actions of others who may be driving dangerously and may even be deliberately causing accidents in 'crash-for-cash' fraud claims. They can also be used by motorway users to defend themselves against accusations of lane-hogging or tailgating, which recently became punishable by a £100 fine and three penalty points.

InCarCam 202
Side image with car mount
Entering the market with a highly competitive retail price up to £50 cheaper than rival in-store branded products, the top range InCarCam models (the 302-G and 402-G) include G-sensor telemetric recording to document G forces applying to the vehicle. This can prove whether the motorist applied the brakes or swerved just before or during an accident.

These devices also feature GPS location logging to show the exact journey route and to pinpoint an accident location using Google Maps. The camera records its footage onto a memory card in HD quality - from 720p to full HD 1080p, depending on the model. The 402-G also offers Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which provides superior contrast and crisp images during day and night-time shooting.

Robert Grant, managing director of Nextbase UK , says: 
"In the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident occurring, things can happen ever so quickly. High levels of shock and stress can make it difficult for the motorist to remember afterwards exactly what occurred. Sometimes, the other driver may be trying to make a fraudulent claim for more damage or injury than was actually sustained. If there are no eye-witnesses on the accident scene, it can be difficult to prove the truth. In answer to this common problem, the InCarCam records the exact progress of the accident."

He adds: 
"The rise in use of in-car cameras in other countries, such as the USA and Central European countries, have shown us how important these devices can be to people after a crash, to prove they weren’t at fault and keep their premiums to a minimum.

"The Nextbase InCarCam is recognised by UK motor insurance providers. One specialist insurance broker, Adrian Flux, is offering up to a 15% policy discount to motorists who install the device in their vehicle. For some drivers this means the camera pays for itself before it's even switched on. "

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Adrian Flux, said: 
"Fraudulent claims are one of the biggest reasons for the increase in insurance premiums in recent years, and in-car cameras can help insurers identify potentially fraudulent claims and determine which party is at fault. That’s why we give up to 15 per cent off to those who fit a Nextbase in-car camera."

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