Saturday 16 August 2014

New iOpener™ device from Bluetech Automation impresses Garage Door, Gate and Shutter Specialists

When Steve Szymke, one of the founders of Bluetech Automation USA was cutting his lawn and found himself without the remote to open his garage door he had an idea. Realising he always had his phone with him, he decided to set out with the help of his techie friend Josh, to make a device that could turn any existing garage door opener into one that could be operated from a smartphone– the iOpener™ does just that.

The iOpener™ from Bluetech Automation allows users to open and close their Garage Door Opener, Gate Opener, Awning motor, Shop-front Shutter motor Electric Door Release or other compatible devices from their Android or iOS Smartphone or tablet.
iOpener v2 - #2001A

iOpener™ is a small receiver that you connect to any device which operates via a two-wire momentary contact or hold-to-run control circuit. The iOpener™ receiver connects to Android or iOS Smart phones or tablets by downloading the Free relevant App and is powered by Bluetooth® technology.

Existing transmitters, keypads and other control accessories will continue to operate normally. iOpener™ adds a safe, convenient and more secure way of controlling such equipment from most Android or iOS Smart phones or tablets.

You can read the full feature online at this link or read just the edited highlights below........

Operating Systems – Android and iOS 
When the product was first launched back in March this year, only an Android compatible single channel unit was available. This was based on market research showing that 80% of smartphones and tablets ran on Android – so the team thought why was an Apple iOS model needed?

iOpener v2 retail packaging
 Well, soon after launch it became very evident that many of the installed automated doors and gates are owned by early adopters of new technology and therefore are more likely to own an Apple smartphone or tablet.

But that was not all, these users also tended to have more than one garage door, so that’s why the latest model has the capability of controlling a mix of three automated devices which could be two garage doors and a gate as an example.

Two models are available – iOpener v1  and iOpener v2

iOpener v1 -  #1001A – This is an Android only entry level unit which has one connection port  to suit one garage door, gate or other compatible device.

iOpener v1 - #1001A
 Supplied complete with a country specific power supply (UK/EU/USA); 2 metre (6ft) USB connecting  cable;  free  software licence for single button app and full installation instructions with relevant conformity declaration - all packed in a plain white carton.

The iOpener v1 is suitable for use with most Android phones and tablets using Android 2.2 or above.
  • Operating range: 25 to 50m / 80 – 160ft
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Suggested retail price £ 99.95
  • Trade and Distributor pricing on application

 iOpener v2 - #2001A – This new model operates on both Android and Apple iOS and  has three separate connection ports to suit three garage doors, gates or other compatible devices.

Supplied complete with a country specific power supply (UK/EU/USA); 3 metre (10ft) USB connecting  cable, Free software licence for three button app  and full installation instructions with relevant conformity declaration - all packed in a display carton with full colour sleeve.

Requires an Android phone or tablet using version 4.3 or above or Apple phone or tablet using iOS7 or above.
  • Operating range: 75 – 125m / 245 – 410ft
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Suggested retail price £ 149.95
  • Trade and Distributor pricing on application

NOTE that unlike some Wi-Fi based systems there are no ongoing fees or subscriptions with iOpener’s  free  software licence!

Safe -  Simple – Secure

Bluetech Automation’s driving force is to follow the “Safe -  Simple - Secure” mantra, their goal being to make Intelligently designed, easy to understand products.

Safe - iOpener™ operates on “line of sight”. The ONLY safe way to operate garage doors, gates or similar equipment – it’s the way all automation manufacturers tell you in their safety instructions.

Simple - Once the iOpener™ is connected to the control connection on the device, you just plug in the transformer, download the App and follow the normal Bluetooth® pairing procedure that every smartphone user is  already familiar with. The pairing screen will open directly from the App to make it even easier for you!

Watch the Installation video at or visit  and see how easy it is to install and operate the iOpener™ on a garage door opener!

Secure - iOpener™ is protected by a 4 – 16 digit pin chosen by the user that can be changed at any time.  After the first setup iOpener™ tells the user they must  change the pin, so they always have their own unique pin and if they lose their phone it is easy to delete the pin and enter a new one from another phone.

Because iOpener™ operates using Bluetooth® there is no interference from other radio frequencies, a common issue with traditional radio frequency remotes.

Bluetooth® creates a direct link  to your device, whereas Wi-Fi based systems generally use a server and other vulnerable components such as routers that are susceptible to being hacked or having downtime. 

Further Information:

Further information is available at and from the leaflet available for download from this link 

Contact Details:
Bluetech Automation Limited, Kemp House, 152 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom
UK Sales: T: +44 (0)20 3369 8786

Europe,  Scandinavia and Rest of the World Sales: T: +47 97 59 11 18

Bluetech Automation LLC, 6828 West Palatine, Chicago, IL 60631, United States
USA Sales:  T: +1-773-392-3188

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