Tuesday 5 December 2017

Jewers Doors Secures New Light Aircraft Hangar and Fire Station at Old Warden

Jewers Doors have recently completed the installation of five of their Osprey sliding-folding doors to new private aircraft hangarage and integral fire station at Old Warden Aerodrome in Bedfordshire.

Old Warden has been an operational airfield since the 1930s and houses the Shuttleworth Collection, an internationally acclaimed collection of some of the last airworthy aircraft of their type remaining anywhere in the world. As well as a working aircraft museum, it is also a private unlicensed aerodrome and the new building meets the growing demand for Old Warden as a base for private enthusiasts to store and fly their own aircraft.

The new building is 110 m wide x 24 m deep and comprises two 1150 m2 hangars which will each accommodate between 12 and 18 aircraft. Between the two hangars is a 290 m2 fire station which will house one large fire appliance and 4 smaller Land Rover appliances.

Each of the hangars is accessed by two Osprey doors measuring 17.7 m and 11.8 m wide, each at 4.3 m high. The larger openings are secured by sixteen-leaf Osprey sliding-folding doors, while twelve leaf Ospreys secures the smaller openings. In the centre is the fire station, which is fitted with an eight leaf Osprey door.

David Sawford, partner at Robinson and Hall LLP, said,
“The hangar doors will be operated by the private owners and pilots so they had to be easy and safe to use in all conditions. The two other hangars on site were fitted with Jewers’ Osprey bi-folding doors, and we know from experience have worked extremely well, so we specified the same doors for this new construction which also ensured continuity of style.”
Manufactured as a single piece construction, each of the door panels is fully insulated with environmentally friendly polyurethane, which optimises thermal efficiency and reduces noise pollution by up to 25dB. The doors incorporate soft compound weather seals to all edges, which reduce water, air and dust ingress and also protect against finger and toe trapping.

These doors are manually operated and bi-parting, with equal pairs of leaves hinged at each jamb, ultimately folding into a footprint no more than 1m2 at each jamb, leaving very wide openings for aircraft access and making it easier for pilots to park their aircraft. In the closed position the doors are completely flat across the opening and are secured by full-height, internal espagnolette bolts to each pair of leaves, which engage into the bottom and top track. A lever handle withdraws each bolt to allow the door leaves to be easily pushed aside to create the wide openings.

Ciara Harper, Communications and Marketing Manager for Shuttleworth added:
“We are pleased with the professional service and quality product provided by Jewers Doors that is providing secure hangarage for the private owners’ aircraft and the Airfield Volunteer Fire Service (AVFS) for the long term.”


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