Thursday 22 February 2024

Abloy UK launches KL100 Aperio Wireless Cabinet Lock for healthcare environments

Abloy UK has expanded its innovative Aperio range with the new KL100 Wireless Cabinet Lock to provide traceable, flexible, and secure digital access for the safekeeping of items in healthcare settings.

The user-friendly system is convenient for the storage of medication in hospitals and a secure way for patients to store possessions without the need for physical keys.

In one NHS Trust alone, it was revealed that more than £273,000 was paid to patients and their families as compensation for lost possessions over five years.[1]

Shaun Powell, General Sales Manager – Healthcare/OEM Industrial at Abloy UK, explains:
“Certain areas within healthcare settings, such as the storage of bedside medication, require convenient yet secure on demand access for staff and patients alike. However, physical keys may not be the most convenient solution for the safekeeping of other products, assets, and patient possessions. 
“Locking draws, lockers, and bedside cabinets doesn’t need to be a pain, and by embracing more adaptive and advanced technologies, such as the KL100, healthcare providers can not only enhance security but also improve convenience for patients.”

The Aperio KL100 offers a comprehensive audit trail to identify who unlocked a cabinet and when – allowing tailor-made access and ensuring that patients have responsibility over their own belongings.

What’s more, staff carry their own programmable credential, meaning they no longer waste time waiting for the keyholder to medicine cabinets. This reduces the risk of lost keys, and credentials can be swiftly and easily revoked if required.

There are a variety of uses for this keyless lock, such as on bedside lockers in hospitals and POD lockers – in which patients can store their own medication – and storage within portable EPMA dispensing carts used by staff.

It can be an effective way for patients to keep personal belongings and medication safe without the use of a key. Once they are discharged the card or wristband can then be discarded and a new card programmed to the system.

The KL100 is part of the Aperio wireless lock range which can be fitted by various OEM medical furniture manufacturers to give an audit trail on new cupboards and cabinets.

Key benefits
  • Convenience for patients to store items such as jewellery, glasses, hearing aids and dentures during a hospital stay.
  • Ease of access for nurses and pharmacy staff in dispensing medication without carrying bulky sets of keys for individual patients’ drawers on trolleys.
  • Staff can store their belongings in their lockers while on shift with quick access from the swipe of a card or wristband.
  • It can seamlessly integrate with an existing EAC system – meaning there is one single database to manage.
  • Cable-free installation means minimum footprint on furniture and can be fitted onto wooden and metal doors.
  • The smart solution reads industry-leading RFID and mobile credentials.

 Shaun added:

 “When dealing with diverse security requirements - such as those in the healthcare sector - the conventional approach of relying solely on physical mechanical keys may not be the best solution. Abloy recognises the evolving landscape of security requirements and offers innovative alternatives tailored to diverse needs. 
“With this in mind, the KL100 Wireless Cabinet Lock is a reliable, agile, and scalable solution. It not only offers peace of mind for both staff and patients but can grow with an organisation to meet ever changing requirements.” 

 To find out more about how the KL100 in healthcare settings, go to

For further information on products and services available from Abloy UK, visit, call 01902 364 500, or email

[1] Source:

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