Tuesday 13 February 2024

Link Controls: Your Trusted Partner for CS-320 Support

Link Controls, take pride in offering outstanding service and technical support to its valued customers. Their mission is to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience with our products.

As you often have questions about the products - we have done a Q&A session with technical support engineer, Mark Hughes, to answer some frequently asked questions about the CS-320 control panel and provide you with the information you need.

Q1: Can I use the CS320 to replace a CS300 or CS310?

A: The CS320 is a direct replacement for the CS300 and CS310.

The terminal layout and connections are the same so the existing cable set should plug straight in. The CS320 can also be used to replace the discontinued CS250.

Q2: What type of operators can I connect to the CS320?

A: The CS320 is compatible with any three-phase mechanical limit operators up to 2.2kW. 

For electronic limits, the CS320 connects to the Kostal DES-B encoder. The CS320 can replace comparable controllers that are compatible with the Kostal encoder.

Q3: I’ve powered the control panel but it doesn’t operate from the enclosure buttons?

A: The controller doesn’t work from the enclosure buttons until the limits have been set.

Use the internal programming buttons or LCD programmer to set limits, then the enclosure buttons become active.

Q4: Do I need the LCD programmer to set limits?

A: No, the limits can be set using the integrated programming buttons on the circuit board. 

In fact, fully automatic operation is possible without needing the LCD programmer due to the automatic detection functions for safety edge and photocell.

Q5: Why does the LCD programmer show ERROR SKS CLS but the door operates normally?

A: This means that a safety edge has not been detected, in this case only dead man closing is possible.

If dead man closing is required this message won’t affect the operation of the door or any safety functions but if required; it can be removed by changing the door operating mode using the LCD programmer.

Q6: I retrofitted the CS320 to an older mechanical limit operator, why is the red light flashing 3 times?

A: This usually occurs because the manual override has been activated.

Try turning the power off, disengaging the manual override then powering up to check the fault has cleared. The 3 red flash indication is a limit switch fault, in this case, caused when the limit common is broken by the manual override interlock switch.

Q7: Why has the door stopped part way open and the red light is flashing 6 times??

A: This means the run time has exceeded, this only happens with mechanical limits.

When setting mechanical limits always use adjustment mode, it’s safer and ensures that the run time is automatically learnt.

Q8: The internal red light is flashing continuously, why won’t the door operate?

A: This is a safety circuit activation.

This could be caused by manual override activation or thermal trip. It could be anything connected to one of the safety circuit connections e.g. Safety brake switch, external E-Stop button or ground lock isolator.

Q9: Why does the internal green light flash continuously or it displays PERMANENT INPUT on power up and I can’t operate the door?

A: One of the external commands is permanently activated.

Disconnect the external commands one by one to identify the source of the fault.

Q10: Can the CS320 output door position information?

A: The CS320 has 4-volt-free relay outputs and numerous functions that can be selected using the LCD programmer.

By default, the relays are enabled to give the door an open or closed position for easy interlocking with other equipment.

Q11: Can I connect Light Curtains to the CS320?

A: The CS320 can accept OSE or PNP/SSR type light curtains though we prefer the OSE type.

The LCD programmer is essential as the automatic learning functions won’t correctly detect the light curtain.

Additionally, two sets of light curtains can be connected to the CS320 to ensure full coverage when it is not possible to mount a single set within the door guides.

Q12: Can I connect traffic lights to the CS320?

A: The volt-free programmable relays can be used to control 230Vac or 24Vdc traffic lights.

Using the LCD programmer, pre-warning delays and various light functions can be selected. The CS320 can also offer directional traffic light control.

Q13: Do I need the LCD programmer to turn off the Automatic Closing Timer?

A: No, the closing timer can be turned off by fitting a link to the INPUT 1 terminal just above the safety edge connections.

The CS320 has a default 15-second closing time, to extend the time the LCD programmer is required.

Q14: Can I still use existing remotes from a Mini Standard with the CS320?

A: Unfortunately, the plug-in radio cards used in our Mini Standard cannot be connected to the CS320.

However, we can supply a compatible standalone receiver allowing existing remotes to be re-used.

Q15: Is there a plug-in loop detector for the CS320?

A: We have a 1-channel plug-in loop detector that requires no additional set-up giving an open command.

Ideal for free exit.

Q16: Can I program the CS320 to ignore a safety edge spiral cable/junction box?

A: When electronic limits are used the object passing through the photocell can be ignored by using the PEB POINT function.

Activating the function using the LCD programmer will ignore the photocell below this point.

Q17: Does the CS320 have a cycle counter?

A: The cycle counter can be found in the DIAGNOSIS menu, it shows complete cycles.

Additionally, the CS320 can tell you how many open commands or safety reversals have occurred along with the number of times the open position was reached.

This gives a more realistic indication of usage, particularly in high-duty applications.

Q18: Does the CS320 record fault and safety activations?

A: In addition to showing the status of command, position and safety inputs the DIAGNOSIS menu records faults and safety activations while the door is in motion.

The number of times a particular event occurred and the cycle count of the last event is displayed.

Q19: Does the CS320 offer draw-in protection?

A: We can supply a version of the CS320 with additional plug-in modules and compliant draw-in photocells.

Thank you for joining us for this informative Q&A session with Mark Hughes.

At Link Controls, we are committed to providing you with top-notch customer service and support, ensuring that your experience with our CS-320 products is exceptional.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your satisfaction is our priority!

We’re Stronger Together. Link Controls - part of the Marantec Group.

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