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Link Controls: Your Trusted Partner for RS Controls Support

Link Controls, take pride in offering outstanding service and technical support to its valued customers. Its mission is to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience with its products.

We know you often have questions about the products so we have done a Q&A session with Technical Support Engineer, Mark Hughes, to answer some frequently asked questions about the RS controls product range to provide you with the information you need.

Q1 - What are the differences between the RS Dock Controllers?

A - There are three models available: The RS200L is a basic controller for 1-valve swing lip levellers, it only controls the leveller.

The RS300 is a more capable controller, available in swing and telescopic lip versions it has multiple valve sequences and numerous programmable functions including traffic lights.

The RS400 is our combined door and dock leveller solution, it integrates shelter, traffic lights and interlocking in one controller.

Q2 - What do the K and V mean after RS300 or RS400?

A - The RS300K and RS400K are for swing lip levellers, and the RS300V and RS400V are for telescopic lip.

Q3 - Do I need an LCD programmer to set up the controller?

A - An LCD programmer is essential for the RS300 and RS400, all features are accessed by the programmer.

The advantage of using a programmer is that it prevents unauthorised access to the setup menus.

Q4 - Will the RS400K operate a 2-valve swing lip leveller?

A - Unfortunately, the timing functions required for this valve sequence are not available on the RS400K.

In this case, we can only offer the RS300K, so a separate door controller is required.

Q5 - Which type of telescopic levellers are compatible with the RS range?

A - The RS300V and RS400V both have 8 telescopic valve sequences, there are five 3-valve options and three 2-valve options.

We rarely find a telescopic valve sequence that isn't possible with these controllers.

Q6 - Why is the RS400 displaying ‘EMERGENCY STOP’ on the LCD programmer?

A - This occurs because the panel cannot see a lip or park switch.

The RS400 uses a lip/park switch for interlocking the door controls while the leveller is deployed.

It is essential for lip-in and auto-return functions.

This message could be displayed because the lip/park switch has failed or the switch has not been fitted on installation.

The lip/park switch must give a closed circuit when the lip is fully retracted/parked.

The message is usually displayed when the door is closed.

Q7 - Why won't the telescopic lip retract when I press the lip-in button?

A - This can happen because the lip-in switch is faulty, if the fault occurs on installation, it is usually because the installer has linked out the lip switch terminals rather than fitting a switch to the leveller.

A lip-in switch must be fitted.

Q8 - I have connected external traffic lights to the RS400, why aren't they working?

A - The external traffic lights need to be turned on in the INPUT menu, (TR LIGHTS OUT)

Q9 - Why isn't the shelter inflating?

A - There is a selector switch on the front of the RS400 that activates and enables the automatic inflation of the shelter, make sure this is switched on and the LD7 light is illuminated.

The shelter should inflate when the door opens. Also, try reversing the polarity of the shelter control wires.

Q10 - Can I fit a wheel block or Castell lock to the RS400?

A - The RS400 has a wheel block function that takes a signal from a wheel block or castell lock.

On activation, the traffic lights switch then door and leveller operation are enabled.

One of the programmable relay outputs can be used to indicate that the door is closed to allow the removal of the wheel block at which point the traffic lights will revert to green allowing the vehicle to depart.

Q11 - Can I fit a driver's button to the RS400?

A - A driver's button can be connected using the wheel block function.

We offer a driver's button modification to the RS400 to save the installer time on site.

Q12 - Why does the RS400 show TERM SWITCH FAIL on power-up?

A - Unlike the CS controllers, the RS400 will not power up in ADJUSTMENT mode when the limits are not set. This fault occurs because the limits are not set.

By setting limits, the fault will be rectified.

Q13 - Why is Error RS485 shown in ADJUSTMENT mode?

A - This fault is shown because the panel cannot see an encoder. It could be due to a wiring error but usually, it is because the RS400 is being used with mechanical limits.

In this case, the limit type needs to be changed in the INPUT menu.

Q14 - What encoder type of encoder can be used with the RS400?

A - The RS400 is designed to work with the Kostal (DES-B) encoder or mechanical limits.

Q15 - Why don't the mimic lights on the front of the RS400 switch to green with the external traffic lights?

A - The internal traffic lights do not mimic the external lights.

They are a ‘ready to load’ function that works in conjunction with the lip/park switch.

The green light will activate when the leveller is resting on the vehicle.

If you want to mimic the external lights, you can use the external light terminals assuming the lamps are rated for the same voltage.

Otherwise, the programmable relays could be used to switch the internal lights.

Q16 - How do I fit a 230V dock light to the RS400?

A - RELAY 2 can be used to switch a dock light.

No programming is required as the relay is pre-programmed to switch on when the door is open.

Q17 - Can I delay the door/traffic light operation while the shelter inflates/deflates?

A - When the door reaches the close position there is a 20-second delay before the external traffic light changes to green to allow the shelter to deflate.

A delay can also be set to allow the shelter to inflate before the door opens, this is particularly useful in refrigerated installations.

Q18 - Why do I get Error Revolution when setting limits?

A - On some sectional doors the cables are configured so that the drive shaft turns in the opposite direction to what the RS400 expects.

This can be rectified by altering the Rotating Field parameter in the INPUT menu, now the RS400 expects to see the encoder turn in the ‘wrong’ direction.

Thank you for joining us for this informative Q&A session with Mark Hughes.

At Link Controls, we are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and support, ensuring that your experience with our RS Controls product range is exceptional.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your satisfaction is our priority!

We’re Stronger Together. Link Controls - part of the Marantec Group.

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