Monday 1 April 2024

Changing the Face of Garage Door Manufacturing

SWS UK unveils the UK’s Only Fully Automated Rollformer

Over the years, SWS UK has been known to make headlines thanks to an innovative product range and a long history of industry firsts. 

And now, it looks like they’re about to surprise us again with their latest ground-breaking project – the implementation of the UK’s only fully automated Rollformer machine.

Last year, the well-known manufacturer hinted that big things were happening at its head office and main manufacturing site, near Lancaster.

However, until now SWS UK has been keeping the details under wraps, merely indicating that the new machine was the company’s biggest-ever investment and that it was set to have a revolutionary impact on the company’s already successful garage door manufacturing operation.

So, what is the Rollformer?

Simply put, the Rollformer is a state-of-the-art machine that facilitates the on-site production of some of SWS UK’s own slats.

Roll forming is a continuous process that converts sheet metal into the engineered shape of SWS UK’s SeceuroGlide Garage Door slats using consecutive sets of rolls.

Specified by SWS UK themselves, it is the first coil-to-curtain machine for roller garage doors – in the world!

Numbers that Speak for Themselves

Easily handling an impressive production of 80 curtains per day, the machine rolls 15-20 metres of slats per minute and will eventually allow SWS UK to double its roller garage door manufacturing capacity.

A Green Machine

The Rollformer has brought another benefit to conscientious SWS UK. Less transportation of imported slats has resulted in a reduction in the company’s environmental impact.

Furthermore, waste through curtain production has been minimised, compared to previous manufacturing methods which relied on the production team cutting material from standard lengths. 

Now, the Rollformer’s precise programming features allow exact measurements to be entered at the start of individual curtain production.

Mammoth Proportions

Weighing a whopping 25 tonnes and measuring 40 metres long, installation of this mammoth machine was no mean feat.

Unsurprisingly, specialist lifting equipment, including a heavy-duty crane was required to position the Rollformer into its new home within SWS UK’s manufacturing plant.

SWS UK’s Managing Director, Colin Reoch said:

“It’s been an exciting time for us at SWS UK. The Rollformer is the biggest, single investment we’ve made in almost 40 years of business. 

“However, as predicted, it is already proving its worth. 

“On-site production of our own slats gives us greater overall control over quality, lead times and development to ensure consistently high-quality products.

“What’s more, we have further plans to develop production, maximising the potential of the Rollformer throughout 2024 and beyond.” 

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