Friday, 29 June 2012

With 5.6M Keys Lost each Year – Is there Really a Cure for the ‘I Had them a Minute ago…’ Dilemma?

 Just 5% of all lost keys are returned to their owners. However, thanks to one smart new invention – 9 out of every 10 lost keys end up back in the hands of their master. 

A quick glance at the statistic presents us Brits as a forgetful bunch: 5.6M lost keys each year with a return rate of only 5%. Even more startling is the cost of key replacement, weighing in at almost £900 for a VW Golf. However, the invention of Fabfob could soon send those numbers locking themselves in darkness for good.

Touted as the ‘smart’ way to lose keys, Fabfob is the latest invention from CEO Nicholas Brummitt and his team of innovators. The group previously founded “Wowcher”, a daily deals site sold to the Daily Mail Group in March of last year.

Fast forward to 2012 and they’re back in the spotlight again, this time wowing the market with a unique key fob – a tiny piece of plastic that is returning 9 out of every 10 lost keys.

The concept is frightfully simple. The Fabfob is attached to a set of keys, with the owner visiting or scanning the QR code to enter their contact details into their personal online account. Users are able to enter as much or as little information as they want; all with the aim of having their lost keys returned to them.

Of course, the more information displayed to a finder, the more chance there is of having the keys returned! Fabfob owners can also set a reward amount up to £30 as an incentive for a finder to return the keys.

Should the keys go ‘walking’ and get lost, all the finder has to do is scan the QR code on the Fabfob, text the 24/7 emergency line or visit Fabfob’s website. After entering the unique Fabfob ID the key’s owner gets a text notification that their keys have been found.

Voila! The finder can then directly contact the owner or send them a number for reverse contact. Fabfob is global system and can be used anywhere in the world.

As Nicholas Brummitt explains, the Fabfob is a true revolution: 

“We have all lost keys, we can’t deny that. The cool thing about the Fabfob is that owners often get a ‘found’ notification before they even realise that they have lost their keys in the first place!” he says.

When considering the cost of replacing car keys or having to deal with the security breach of lost house keys, Nicholas believes the Fabfob is a no-brainer investment:

“12 months cover is just £12.95, a miniscule spend when taking the hassle and cost of key and lock replacement into account. It’s exactly the reason nobody should leave home without their Fabfob” he adds.

More information about the Fabfob can be found online at including an explanatory video.

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