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How To Increase Curb Appeal By Giving A Door A Downing Street Makeover

The door at Number 10 Downing Street has had a long and interesting history and with the elections quickly approaching, all eyes will again be on the iconic polished black door.

 Installing a stylish front door, such as the one located at Number 10, is a simple yet effective way to improve a property’s curb appeal and can also add value. 

For homeowners looking to spruce up the exterior of their own properties this summer, you may be able to recommend a few tips inspired from this famous front door.

David Saxby, product manager from IronmongeryDirect, discusses how to get the shiny number 10 look and ultimately how to increase the value of homes.

Downing Street Lion Head
Door Knocker
Throughout British history, the Number 10 Downing Street door has been synonymous with power and prestige. It is undeniable that the Number 10 door is one of the most recognisable doors in British history and with its famous shiny finish, the door commands attention and has curb appeal like no other.

So what inspiration can you get from Number 10 in order to advise homeowners on how they can boost their property’s curb appeal?

Carefully choosing the colour, design and shape of door can help to accentuate the other features of a property. By making some small but significant changes it is possible to impress your customers by adding some wow factor to the exterior.

Recommend a bold colour

Firstly, it is important to recommend a colour that complements the exterior of the property and works well with the brickwork. Also consider a colour scheme that blends in with the style and décor of neighbouring properties. If it is impact the customer is looking for black is a tenacious choice that is both stylish and timeless. A black door, as well as looking dramatic, works well with various colour schemes, making it extremely versatile. Similarly, bright red has always been associated with power and strength and is another dynamic colour choice to suggest. To give a door a Number 10 facelift, a fresh coat of paint is a quick way to brighten up an exterior. So to get that sparkling number 10 finish a couple of fresh coats of good quality oil-based exterior timber paint will really do the trick.

Recommending the right hardware

As well as colour, having the right door furniture can make a bold statement and play an integral part in sprucing up the exterior of a property. However, it is important to recommend furniture that is in keeping with the style of the property. The right door furniture will speak volumes and with a recent revival in traditional ironmongery there is a wide range of hardware available suitable for any project.

Visually, it is important that a door’s furniture is proportionate to the door itself and from a practical point the weight of the door must be considered because, for example, a heavy wooden structure might over dominate a small knob or handle.

M Marcus Slim Door Knocker
For period properties, statement hardware can really make an impact and accentuate any interesting architecture. For example, the Downing Street Lion Head Door Knocker (above) would look great on a Victorian-style door. The knocker is made from polished brass ensuring durability and the lion head provides a sophisticated touch. However, for a more contemporary home, a simple knocker design will help to subtlety complement the property’s modern features, for example the M Marcus Slim Door Knocker.

When making over a door it is also important to not underestimate simplicity; a functional letter box, for example, can also double-up as an elegant feature and can add a sophisticated finish to any door. The Victorian Plain Edge Letter Plate, for instance, has a strong brass letter plate with secure bolt through fixings to ensure both durability and style.

The Victorian Plain Edge Letter Plate
Overlooked by many homeowners, the numerals on the door also play a huge part in the initial impression of the exterior of a house. It is worth considering whether the numerals should be displayed on the door itself or on the adjacent wall. For a modern-built property, oversized numerals will help to create an overall fresh contemporary feel. Whilst it is best to recommend to homeowners with period property a more traditional typeface for a timeless, classic look. Against a black door, a monochrome blend works well, for example these simple white numerals designed for panel, timber PVCu and composite doors.

One way to really put the finishing touches to a door is with a characterful door-bell. For period properties an ornate door-bell can be just the ticket to complete a vintage look, for example this Georgian Rope Edge Bell Push. For newer-built homes with doors made from modern materials, look for door bells that are uncomplicated in appearance. The Louis Fraser Bell Push, for instance, is still a stylish choice but is much simpler in design.

Georgian Rope Edge Bell Push
By taking the time to consider the little things it is possible to create a strong exterior look that demands attention. A bold colour coupled with the right door accessories can help to dramatically increase curb appeal and can ultimately help to increase the value of homes as the exterior hints at the riches hidden inside.

By taking inspiration from the Downing Street Number 10 door it is possible to recommend colour and hardware that livens up the exterior of any property. IronmongeryDirect, in light of the upcoming elections, has put together an infographic that documents the door’s various changes in style and design through the ages. It can be accessed at

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