Wednesday 5 September 2018

Assa Abloy Security Solutions unveils stylish new design to its DC700G Door Closer range

Assa Abloy Security Solutions has introduced its stylish and distinctive new cover design to the high-quality DC700G range.

The DC700G-CM features Close-Motion® technology to ensure doors close quietly, while the DC700G-FT includes an integrated escape door locking solution that can be easily retrofitted to fire doors, without risking certification. Both door closers are available in the new contemporary design for the DC700G range, which signifies the next step in the evolution of the company’s extensive door closer portfolio.

The DC700G-CM combines security, accessibility and comfort in one door closer. Many environments require a secure closing that is often so forceful that the door can be noisy and disruptive when shutting. Typically, increased sealing and noise protection components are required to ensure the door closes quietly.

Close-Motion® technology ensures doors close securely while significantly reducing closing noise too. As an added benefit this also dramatically reduces the finger trap force at the leading edge. This makes the DC700G an effective solution for locations where finger trapping could be a real issue, such as nurseries, early year centres, pre-schools, hospitals and elderly care homes.

Close-Motion® is integrated into the housing of the DC700G-CM, without the need for any separate components, for a sleek, modern design. The backcheck and opening speed of the door closer can also be easily controlled, and retrofitting can be performed on existing doors with a DIN drilling pattern.

The DC700G-CM can be installed on single and double leaf doors, and can be easily integrated to work in conjunction with existing Access Control Systems as the DC700G-CM delivers assured, silent and safe closing.

Meanwhile, the DC700G-FT allows any fire or non-fire rated door to be retrofitted with an electrical locking mechanism. With no morticing or rebating required because the door closer, lock and wiring is all surface mounted, sites do not need to be concerned that the installation will risk a fire door’s certification, or create a lot of mess or disruption. In addition, the locking mechanism releases under its full rated load, so is safe for use on escape ways, stair cores or final escape doors.

The door closer features Cam-Motion® technology, ensuring the door is light to open while retaining its closing power and so meeting both opening force detailed in BS 8300-2:2018, and necessary fire closing force requirements. This is in line with the Equality Act 2010 and Approved Document M and B.

The DC700G-FT also comes with thermodynamic and adjustable valves to accommodate changes in temperature and ensure the closer can be installed in a variety of environments, and still meet the end user’s requirements.

David Hindle, Head of Door Closer Sales at Assa Abloy, said:
“Our DC700G-CM and DC700G-FT provide best-in-class closing technology, offering simple but tested solutions to common problems. Whether it’s delivering silent or safe closing operation, security, or simply making sure a fire door’s certification is not compromised when fitting a new door closer, both variants are designed to meet our customers’ needs.
“While offered in a stylish new design, the DC700G range still retains the same levels of quality, durability and innovation that installers and businesses have come to expect from our door control offering.”

To discuss the DC700G range with our door closer expert, please contact David Hindle via email at or follow David on LinkedIn, for further information on the door closer range.

To find out more about Assa Abloy door closers, please visit .

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