Monday 22 October 2018

The Bloomsbury Institute upgrades its access control capabilities with ASSA CLIQ® Remote

One of the UK’s top business and management schools, the Bloomsbury Institute, has upgraded its access control capabilities to the award-winning ASSA CLIQ® Remote wireless locking technology from ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions.

Based in central London and formerly the London School of Business and Management, the Bloomsbury Institute delivers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, accounting, finance and law, which are awarded by the University of Northampton.

The Bloomsbury Institute has to contend with a high turnover of students each academic year, as well as any changes to staff. The sheer number of people using the Institute’s buildings meant that its existing mechanical master key system was simply no longer feasible, unable to provide adequate protection for areas that might hold sensitive information, such as exam scripts.

As a result, the Bloomsbury Institute needed a flexible access control system that would be easy to maintain, granting secure access to individuals as and when needed, while delivering greater key control too.

The answer was ASSA CLIQ® Remote, which has been installed throughout the Bloomsbury’s Institute’s 7 Bedford Square teaching site, and selected areas within the institute’s 99 Gower Street building. Providing an easy-to-use electromechanical locking system, the ASSA CLIQ® Remote solution uses high-end micro-electronics and programmable keys and cylinders to offer flexible control over access rights.

The Bloomsbury Institute can now programme and update each key remotely, removing or granting access privileges for the key holder in real time. This allows only those with the necessary authority to obtain access to private areas without inconveniencing others, and removes the security risks associated with lost or stolen keys.

ASSA CLIQ® Remote also provides a full audit trail for assured peace of mind, and has the functionality to create time-defined user keys, only allowing access to an individual for a specified period of time. This feature is proving invaluable to the Bloomsbury institute, which plans to eventually convert all cylinders at its 99 Gower Street site to    ASSA CLIQ® Remote, as part of its expansion plans.

Stephane Middleton, Estates & Facilities Manager at the Bloomsbury Institute, explains:
“We are committed to the security and safety of student data, which led us to consider upgrading the mechanical master key system that we previously had in place. Using ASSA CLIQ® Remote could not be easier. It is saving us countless hours of key cutting and changing cylinders, while significantly improving our key control. 
“When a new employee joins the team, the ASSA CLIQ® Remote key is the only one they will need, irrespective of how many rooms they may occupy or how many areas they may need access to during their time with us. In addition, the system provides robust security; if a key is lost or stolen, we can cancel it, safe in the knowledge that we are completely secure.
“The service from ASSA ABLOY has been outstanding. The company really made the effort to understand our business and its requirements. During the implementation phase, ASSA ABLOY provided comprehensive training on how to use the system to all staff that have administration rights, while working with our IT team to ensure the systems’ software is uploaded onto their machines. 
“The best part of the service has been having a dedicated contact that has been onboard since the start, providing us with new updates, support and guidance. This part of the service is proving to be of great value, filling us with confidence to continue using ASSA ABLOY products in the future. Indeed, as we look to expand the sites we operate in, we envisage that all the cylinders will one day be converted to this system.”

Simon Wilson, National Sales Manager for ASSA CLIQ® Remote at ASSA ABLOY, said:
“Our ASSA CLIQ® Remote solution combines all the benefits of access control with a high-security physical master key system. The system was easily retrofitted, meaning there was very little disruption to the university during the installation process, and the institute no longer has to worry about the security concerns that come with a misplaced key.
“The fact that ASSA CLIQ® Remote also offers the capability to log and provide a record of who has entered and exited an area is helping to ensure rooms that hold confidential papers or sensitive information remain secure.
“We’re delighted to help the Bloomsbury Institute revolutionise its key management systems, delivering greater security, flexibility and key control.”

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