Monday 29 June 2020

Anodised Finishes: Taking Aluminium to the Next Level

Aluminium is known for being a versatile metal. Its flexibility and strength, combined with its corrosion resistance, make it the ideal building material. 

Although aluminium can withstand weathering better than other metals, it can still tarnish and oxidise over time if it does not receive additional treatment. For aluminium, one of the best ways to protect and enhance its appearance is by giving it an anodised finish. 

HOPPE (UK) has been using anodised finishes for its aluminium door and window hardware for over 35 years. This finish is created by adding a protective oxide layer to the aluminium using an electrolytic process. This enhances its natural qualities making it even more durable. No additional covering is applied, it simply creates a layer that is built up from the existing aluminium.

The hardwearing layer created in the anodising process is fully integrated with the metal substrate, increasing its abrasion resistance and helping the product to retain its appearance for longer. These qualities are particularly useful in high traffic areas where the door hardware could be subject to lots of use.

Corrosion resistance - One of the biggest benefits of anodising door and window hardware is the increased corrosion resistance. Ironmongery affected by corrosion will become tarnished or discoloured.

Anodised finishes are suitable for external applications even in coastal locations. HOPPE’s popular external door handles, the Atlanta and Tokyo, are both available with anodised finishes. Each handle is available as a profile or security set, allowing home owners to choose the handle they want without having to compromise on design, quality or security.

As part of HOPPE’s commitment to high quality products, all HOPPE handles have a 10 year mechanical operation guarantee, as long as the assembly and maintenance guidelines are followed.

Design choice - When the anodising process takes place, there is also the opportunity to alter the final finish. This allows aluminium to be a versatile choice from an aesthetic perspective. Popular finishes include silver and gold to complement traditional hardware finishes not only for entrance doors, but also around the home.

As part of HOPPE’s duranorm range there are internal door handles that also offer an anodised finish. The Dubayy, Seattle and Ibiza designs all offer a contemporary handle design to match a range of interiors. All three of these handles are available in silver and polished chrome.

HOPPE brand name products are tested to ensure flawless operation. These tests closely reflect the everyday knocks hardware has to take and extend beyond the requirements of technical standards such as DIN EN 1906.

Handle of excellence - HOPPE (UK) Ltd is a market leader in the field of door and window hardware. The company is a member of HOPPE Group, established in the UK in 1988, and benefits highly from over 60 years of insight and experience in the field of architectural hardware.

Based in Wolverhampton, the specialist manufacturer operates from a purpose built, state-of-the-art distribution centre with highly skilled, Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) trained staff. HOPPE delivers award winning service and is committed to providing products that have been tested to meet the latest European and British standards, offering both quality and innovation to all sectors of the market.

Experienced HOPPE (UK) product experts are on hand to help with any technical queries and provide specification support. For further information about HOPPE’s anodised finishes or for technical support, please contact the HOPPE (UK) sales office on 01902 484400.

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