Friday, 6 January 2012

From Cloaked Chassis to Cloaked Frame!

Woodrite Doors's recently launched Super Chassis now has the perfect partner. The cloaked chassis is now matched with a cloaked frame! Woodrite is now offering Cedar faced frames - a 6mm veneer of Cedar, selected to blend with the timber of the door is bonded to the front and inside faces of a softwood frame creating a beautifully matched door and frame in glorious Cedar.

The Cedar cloaked frame can be fully finished with the door or base-coated ready for finishing on site. "Cedar suitable for frames is difficult to source and very expensive.

The new Cedar cloaked softwood frame gives the same result at a fraction of the cost, great news as the right frame is the perfect finishing touch for our doors" Said Woodrite's CEO John Brooks.

Contact Woodrite on 01280 841010 or visit their website at

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