Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Green Deal and the Death of the Letterbox?

The Green Deal is going to make thermal efficiency of entrance doors a key selling point. Better insulated, weather-sealed doors are an opportunity for householders to improve their homes and save money.
As we strive for lower u values there is one element of the British front door that is at odds with the desire for better insulation, the letterbox.  The classic styles in Hörmann's ThermoPro range of entrance doors have been created specifically for the UK market and and as such feature a letterbox. However, the vast majority of the precision engineered entrance doors Hörmann produce each year, do not.

As an example, the range topping Top Prestige Plus aluminium entrance doors are effectively made to order for a precision fit.  They offer a thermal u value of only 1.1 Wm2/k are highly secure and weather-sealed. They are built from an impressive range of options including 24 difference glazing styles, a wide selection of handles, and even a unique twin coloured option. The one option you don't have is a letterbox.

As energy costs continue to rise the wisdom in cutting a hole in a highly insulated door could make the traditional letterbox a thing of the past.

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