Sunday, 29 January 2012

With the Risk of Snow - A Wheeled Snow Shovel Could Make Clearing up a Breeze

A Wheeled Snow Shovel ? - The 'Sno Wovel': the world’s safest snow shovel is now being used by Edinburgh City Council.

Meteorologists are now predicting very severe wintery conditions for the coming month in which high levels of snow are predicted to fall in the UK. 

Last winters’ heavy snow fall saw the UK grind to a halt. Households, Schools, Airports, Hospitals & Crematoria were unable to clear their paths, driveways and pavements, for many days and even weeks. Apart from the immense inconvenience caused, the snow was also directly responsible for another record number of snow related falls, accidents and back strained injuries which saw hospital A&E departments nationwide struggling to cope. The innovative and award-winning wheeled snow shovel, the 'SnoWovel' ( comes as a timely godsend.

The SnoWovel is a revolutionary concept. A 'wheeled snow shovel' that not only works three times faster than traditional shovelling but with significantly less effort or risk of back injury. Designed and manufactured in the US the Sno Wovel has already scooped up a string of awards including TIME Magazine's 'Innovation of the Year Award'. Now it is available in the UK exclusively from the sole importers & distributor: Source2010 Ltd (

The Sno Wovel is robustly built with a powder coated mild steel frame and High Impact Polypropylene wheel and shovel, that will clear all types of snow, from light and powdery to wet and heavy, including ice. Capable of clearing large areas quickly, its use is not confined to just domestic households. This winter it is being used by Edinburgh City Council & Bridgnorth City Council among others, and has proved the ideal snow clearing solution for high streets, school, shopping centres, airports, hospitals, airports and supermarket car parks and other public areas.

Hailed as the world's safest snow shovel, the secret to the Sno Wovel's success lies in the fact that it acts on the principle of leverage, using the wheel's axis as a fulcrum. Its wheel size, handle height, overall length, and the double-width blade are all perfectly proportioned to maximise the lever action and so capture the greatest amount of snow in one pass, and move it effortlessly.

The Sno Wovel costs just £125 excl. VAT (+£7-50 p/p) and can be ordered online directly from the distributors website. There are also a number of additional accessories available to ensure the most effective performance possible. These include, a hardwearing strip which extends the life of the blade, a set of 'gravel wheels' which greatly assist when using on uneven surfaces, and an ice chipper. These accessories can be purchased separately or are included as part of the full Sno Wovel kit for just £166 excl.VAT (+7.50 p/p).

The Sno Wovel can be dismantled in 15 seconds, and folds flat for storage out of season.

The Sno Wovel has been designed to be the SAFEST, fastest and easiest way to clear any type of snow. It requires no training and can be easily adjusted to suit any height. Unlike snow blowers which are noisy, smelly and require fuel the Sno Wovel provides us with the environmentally friendly and safe way to clear snow.

To find out more about this award winning innovation and to see a video of the Sno Wovel in action visit 

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