Friday, 13 January 2012

Teckentrup Depot gets into a flap!

The team at the Teckentrup Depot are masters of the unexpected and the challenging.

"We're used to difficult applications from our customers - one of the many reasons people like dealing with Teckentrup is because we like to find away of saying yes!" said Jim Rodger, Teckentrup's Sales Director. 

"We were, however, a little taken aback by the request from Chamberlain Doors to come up with a solution to make a cat flap in a garage side door a design feature rather than a design disaster!" continued Jim.

The solution Teckentrup Depot came up with went down well with their customer ...and the kitty concerned. The finish of the door and the use of the newly introduced round porthole Polyurethane windows to the top three panels of the solid design blended purrfectly with the catflap - now a discrete and stylish feline entry!

The side hinged door is part of Teckentrup Depot's recently launched side hinged range of doors - for more details visit the Teckentrup website or contact Jim Rodger on 01925 924050. 

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