Sunday, 8 January 2012

Gliderol's Roll•a•Glide adds flexibility

Two variants on the Roll•a•Glide insulated roller garage door are extending the popularity of this high performing product.

The Roll•a•Glide Compact is just that, requiring just 205mm of headroom for installation onto 67mm wide side guides. The 55mm deep laths are available in 24 painted and laminate finishes and equipped with remote control as standard. External or internal fitting is no problem as the door is complete with a full roll box as standard - the same high performance from a smaller door!

The Roll•a•Glide Manual has all the benefits of the Roll•a•Glide insulated roller garage door but, not surprisingly given its name, is for manual operation. The spring assisted door is light and easy to open and simple to secure. The lock lath, positioned in the lower third of the door curtain, has twin shoot bolts operated by the door key. The door has a half roll box as standard with the option of a full box. The manual door is ideal in locations where power is not available and as an economical alternative to the remote control versions.

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