Monday 25 May 2020

Heightening Hygiene & Food Safety with High-Speed Doors

DynamicRoll® Food Inox

Today’s hygiene regulations require buildings used for food and beverage manufacture to meet specific standards in layout, design and construction. 

With well informed consumers demanding food that’s fresh, nutritious and safe, it’s crucial food processors and manufacturers continuously meet, if not exceed, their expectations. It’s therefore essential to choose the right doors for your food processing facilities, delivering the very highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

From kitchens to food preparation areas and storage zones, it’s essential to have the very highest standards of cleanliness, safety and hygiene. Choosing the right door can help you minimise bacteria and increase protection against pests and contaminants.

Traditional PVC strips or heavy folding doors are gradually becoming obsolete in the food and beverage sector because they do not provide adequate compartmentation.

Self-repairing roll-up doors represent a huge step forward in terms of speed, efficiency, hygiene and eco-efficiency and BMP’s DynamicRoll® rapid self-repairing roll-up door typology meets the highest standards, with doors designed to be “functional, safe, quick and resistant.

How do DynamicRoll® doors benefit food processing areas?

BMP’s DynamicRoll® self-repairing roll-up doors are designed to meet the various working environments and requirements, solving an array of logistical and hygiene issues.

DynamicRoll® doors also drastically increase productivity, making it easier for people and equipment to move around more efficiently, meaning no team member needs to waste precious time manually opening heavy doors.

Being lighter, faster and more energy-efficient than standard rolling steel doors, they ensure food and beverage manufacturers take advantage of cost savings too.

In addition to providing fast access, DynamicRoll® doors can drastically reduce contamination, by preventing dirt or dust from the entering the premises, making it a lot easier for businesses to maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

These doors from BMP also control airflow and reduce risk of contamination in pressure sensitive environments.

DynamicRoll® Food Inox

How to choose the right door for your needs?

With all DynamicRoll® doors, you’re guaranteed a tight seal with rapid opening, exceptional reliability, wind resistance and high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. With quick open and close cycles, it’s much easier for those operating in food storage and preparation areas to limit hot and cold air escaping.

That said, there are 5 variations of DynamicRoll doors, and the BMP team is more than happy to guide you through the most suitable products for your needs, depending on the environment.

DynamicRoll ® (with stainless columns)

Suited for a wide range of facilities, the standard DynamicRoll® doors feature high-quality panels and resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door. With sensors, photocells and barriers, it’s incredibly safe and durable, whilst being totally self-repairing, thanks to its special “Anti Crash System”.

DynamicRoll Food Inox

Characterised by its stainless steel frame, the DynamicRoll Food Inox is designed with a high level of hygiene in mind. This model has been optimised to prevent the collection of liquid, dust or impurity on the frame. As a leading food industry door it’s therefore washable in all parts, respecting the hygienic restrictions that must be adhered to, whilst also maintaining the characteristics of the environment.

Dynamic Roll Food PE

Similar to the standard DynamicRoll but with a structure made of polyethylene, meeting the specific needs of food companies that need a high level of hygiene. The Food PE includes lateral uprights in PVC, whist it’s completely resistant to chemical and salt solutions.

DynamicRoll® Frigo 1

Dynamicroll Frigo 1

The Frigo 1 has been specially designed and developed to meet the needs of the industrial refrigeration sector. This model is capable of dividing environments with different temperatures with humidity less then 30% such as cold rooms and temperature zones.

These rapid doors improve speed of passage and heighten performance, creating a physical barrier that prevents the passage of cold by a special tightly woven fabric coated with a durable material.

Dynamicroll Frigo 2

Another fine example of a durable and robust door, the Frigo 2 also meets the needs of the industrial refrigeration sector, with a steel structure and thermal profile. This model is perfectly suited for separating environments with extremely different thermal conditions, whilst preventing icing or condensation.

Why choose BMP?

BMP High Speed Doors has been designing, developing and manufacturing DynamicRoll® doors for over 20 years, and their models are highly regarded in the food and drinks industries. BMP appreciate the need for cutting-edge technology in this sector, but they also back up their pioneering designs with friendly and dependable customer service.

DynamicRoll® Frigo 2

BMP High Speed Doors’ CEO, Danilo Benotto says:
“Our customers are important, that is why, through our network of technicians available throughout the country, we provide technical support to select, install and maintain our products”.
As an internationally recognised industrial door manufacturer, BMP install over 15,000 high-speed doors worldwide every year. With products designed in Italy and assembled in Bedford, their high-speed doors have a track record of maximising performance in controlled temperature and humidity areas, whilst guaranteeing the protection of people, products and other materials.

If you’re looking for to create a safe, secure and hygienic working environment, BMP has a huge collection available. Their doors are functional, innovative, versatile, safe, durable, technologically advanced and designed to solve many logistically problems ¬not only in the food and drinks sector, but many other industrial applications.

If you’d like to learn more about the products highlighted in this article, or wish to speak with a member of their team, please do not hesitate to call BMP High Speed Doors on +44 01908 760122. You can also browse more of their high-speed doors by visiting

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