Thursday 30 July 2020

Buildings post Covid-19

While commonly specified and used in the healthcare and even pharmaceutical sectors, if the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that barrier-free and contact-free access has never been more important in the way we use and navigate our way through buildings.

Internationally, we have never been more aware of what surfaces we touch or come in contact with as we enter and move through buildings. In healthcare environments building designers look at the issue of hygiene and infection control and how to manage it effectively – a practice which is becoming a priority in all sectors since the outbreak of Covid-19 and as businesses and buildings attempt to get up and running again. 

KCC Group, formerly known as KCC Architectural, work with clients across all sectors on new build and refurbishment projects to create an access and automation strategy fit for purpose and suited to the specific environment in question. 

This can include anything from thermal scanning at main entry points which can be integrated into entry systems such as turnstiles and speed-lanes; to touch-free sensor activated access control to open or close doors, to hermetically-sealed or cleanroom doors, to sensor-activation for internal swing doors to minimise the need for user interaction to antimicrobial protection for frequently touched surfaces such as door handles or lift buttons for example. 

This virtually invisible coating is suitable for application either on-site, or in the factory, making it an ideal and easily implemented solution for both new buildings and retrofit projects.

The move from conventional entrances to automated systems 

Where contactless access is a priority a fully automated door system is a simple solution. 

Ivan Mannion, Group Director of Business Development with KCC Group says:
“We offer an expansive range including sliding, swing, revolving, folding or hermetically sealed automated door systems or automation-only systems for retro-fitting to existing doors. These coupled with our various contactless activation devices can provide safe, secure and hygienic access and movement through your building that is tailor made to your specific requirements.”

KCC offer versatile, contactless activation and door release switches which can be used in place of traditional push buttons and other activation point devices that would normally require contact to engage. The ‘Magic Switch’, for example, detects motion towards its sensor and easily integrates with existing systems including automatic doors and access control doors to provide a safe clean method of operation and is commonly used by KCC in their complete access systems across all sectors.
“For hospitality clients we can offer Bluetooth access for an enhanced guest and user experience and to facilitate remote check-ins, thereby reducing the need for queues at the reception area, which will be more important than ever going forward post Covid-19”, advises Ivan. 
“Also the use of thermal scanning units for accurate temperature measurement and mask detection at main entry points such as lobbies or reception areas is a simple, yet effective way to ensure an additional level of infection control for buildings in all sectors.”

KCC operates across four key business divisions, namely Doors & Access, Specialist Glazing & Partitions, Architectural Hardware and Maintenance & Inspections and have been on hand throughout the entire Covid-19 crisis to support their essential services clients in sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“We are proud to be able to leverage our experience and expertise to offer advice and assistance to our clients across all sectors on designing and implementing effective and hygienic access and automation strategies for buildings post Covid-19.
“Our maintenance & inspection teams have been providing essential support to frontline services over the past number of months and continue to do so as everyone adapts to this ‘new normal’.” says Ivan.

If you are looking for assistance or advice on creating contactless access or automation strategies for your building, you can contact KCC on their website .

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