Saturday 8 August 2020

New Products to make Workplaces and Public Spaces COVID-Secure

Procter Contracts is launching new products to make workplaces and public spaces COVID-secure in line with current guidelines from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and UK Government. 

These will help businesses, schools, further education establishments, councils and other organisations open their doors and get back to operating in as normal a way as possible.

First of the new products is a fully automatic body temperature monitoring (BTM) system comprising a thermal imaging camera with sophisticated software to interpret the imagery, and a Blackbody unit that maintains its front surface at a constant 35 degrees C so the thermal camera always has a reliable reference point. 

These two units are mounted on tripods 3m apart so they are quick and easy to install or move from one location to another. Software in the camera uses facial recognition technology to pinpoint foreheads and take accurate readings.

If an individual’s temperature is detected as being higher than normal, the software raises an alert signal. This triggers the integral warning light and siren, and the signal can also be integrated with, for example, a third-party access control system. In addition, signals can be transmitted to a central monitoring system and/or a local screen for viewing by staff. 

A ‘high’ temperature is just one of the possible symptoms of COVID-19 and this indication alone does not determine whether or not an individual has the virus, but thermographic CCTV cameras are recognised as a quick and unobtrusive way to provide rapid preliminary screening.

The second new BTM system from Procter Contracts is a facial recognition access control terminal. This completes both facial recognition and temperature measurement in less than a second. If a ‘high’ temperature is detected, the system sounds an audible warning. 

Furthermore, if the system is integrated with barriers or gates it can deny access to individuals with elevated temperatures. Customers can specify these BTM systems on their own or with stands for positioning on floors or, alternatively, with brackets for mounting adjacent to barriers or gates.

A lower-cost alternative to the thermal CCTV and facial recognition systems is Procter’s OBTM-FS1 intelligent freestanding BTM terminal. This non-contact system measures wrist temperature at a distance of between 1cm and 4cm. 

Quick, easy and hygienic to use, the OBTM-FS1 is mounted on a height-adjustable stainless steel stand and has an integral real-time temperature display and an alarm that is triggered if an abnormal temperature is detected. 

In addition, the 7-inch screen displays the number of normal and abnormal temperature readings that have been taken. The OBTM-FS1 is suitable for a variety of indoor applications such as schools, offices, shops, gyms and public transport hubs.

As well as the temperature monitoring systems outlined above, Procter Contracts is now supplying Hand Sanitiser Stations. Wall-mounting, desktop (countertop) and freestanding versions are available, with all accepting standard bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

John Procter, Director of Procter Bros Ltd, comments: 
“I am delighted that Procter Contracts is helping the UK to battle the coronavirus pandemic and get businesses and other organisations back to normal operations. Our business can trace its roots back to 1740 and in the last 280 years we have supported customers through a variety of crises.
“Aside from the body temperature monitoring systems and the hand sanitiser stations, if there is anything we can do to help your organisation get back to work, please get in touch and we will do whatever we can to help.”

For more information about products to help your organisation be COVID-secure, go to Alternatively, contact Procter Contracts to discuss specific requirements by emailing or telephone 0800 294 4177.

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