Tuesday 19 July 2022

Every Day is a School Day With ABUS

The first duty that any education establishment has to its students and staff is to keep them safe and secure. But that does not have to mean that they should feel like prisons, with caretakers carrying around huge bunches of keys that are impossible to keep track of. 

The way that the doors and hardware work is absolutely vital to how the whole premises operates. We look at ways that ABUS access control and cylinder systems can help keep everything and everyone safe without impacting the smooth running of the institution.

Keeping everyone in the school safe and secure is vital. Both in terms of their physical security and in controlling access around the building. This poses challenges for security and access control with many people – staff, pupils, and visitors - coming and going at different times, often with different levels of access, who demand quick and easy-to-use systems, coupled with security for everyone inside. This makes the issue of security and controlling access complex.

wAppLoxx Pro from ABUS is a digital access control system that could provide a solution. These secure, electronic “smart” cylinders fit into any standard cylinder profile and can be controlled with a fob, card or via smartphone through our wAppLoxx app. You can even incorporate a transponder into the head of a mechanical key enabling you to operate both your traditional mechanical locks as well as electronic ones. 

 Offering comprehensive access management for up to 160 doors and up to five hundred users, and multiple access control mechanisms. This makes wAppLoxx the perfect plug-and-play wireless access control system for schools and colleges. Information about the wAppLoxx system status, analytics and any changes that need to be made can be accessed securely in real-time via PC, smartphone, or tablet. This allows the building manager to grant or deny access to users across the site and also access rights can be assigned for specific periods of time.

The ABUS wAppLoxx system can communicate seamlessly with ABUS security, surveillance, and alarm systems to provide a fully integrated security system. And because the central hub updates every thirty minutes any changes required by lost keys, security breaches or changes in staff can be made immediately in real-time by reprogramming fobs online remotely instead of having to issue new keys or change cylinders across the board. 

wAppLoxx can be used on any door since the locks are available in double knob cylinders (one-sided and double-sided), half-cylinders, electronic padlocks and a wall reader making it possible to control electronic doors, high traffic doors and automated gates, electric strikes, lifts, barriers, and turnstiles, with 50,000 cycles before the batteries need changing.

For areas that need extra security such as labs, computer rooms, or offices with sensitive information, the ABUS Bravus system offers a top-level, no-compromise, security standard, the perfect choice for education settings. 

Bravus’s 14mm core, enables a thicker stronger and more durable reversible with horizontal keyway than gives enormous flexibility enabling large and complex master key system capability hand in hand with the patent protection offering high-security standard in protecting against unauthorised key copying. Because the key is smooth with no sharp edges it's less likely to be used as a weapon and Bravus cylinders can be fitted with a ‘classroom function’ so that students cannot barricade themselves into a classroom or lock a teacher out.

One of the most long-standing headaches for school buildings is managing student lockers, lost keys being the main culprit. The 158 KC is a secure four-digit combination padlock with an override key that can be used to read and reset the combination so the padlock can be reused time and time again. This will massively reduce the number of replacement padlocks making the ABUS 158 KC the sustainable and cost-effective choice for lockers.

These ABUS systems are all particularly valuable for school settings since they offer the flexibility and versatility to allow for expansion, new buildings and changes of purpose making the whole system future-proof. So, if you are tasked with upgrading or replacing a security system in a school or college, ABUS can offer a full support service, starting from a site survey/audit and master keying service. 

ABUS' experts can offer advice on the best security and access control systems for the project: from padlocks for perimeter gates to locks that can withstand challenging conditions like swimming pools and changing rooms, and make the running of schools and colleges less hassle and more secure than ever.

You can find out more about how to make schools work, safely and securely for everyone here.

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