Tuesday 6 June 2023

How DURATIQUE Solves Your Black Antique Hardware Headaches

With more choice for homeowners in the market than ever before, to win valuable business and continue to thrive, door manufacturers must ensure each carefully considered element of their door offers an exceptional look and function, possessing the detail to truly help them stand out from the crowd.

Just one component failing can negatively impact the aesthetic and performance of your door, risking a negative impact on your brands reputation. As the element physically touched on a daily basis, substandard hardware can often be the weak link.

Coastal Group outlines feedback from door manufacturers valuing DURATIQUE as the “go-to” black antique hardware solution, capturing the sought-after traditional period aesthetic whilst exceeding modern day performance requirements.

In this editorial, Neil Jones, Head of Marketing at Coastal Group addresses some of the common problems with black antique hardware and how Coastal listened to the industry’s requirements, creating the ultimate solution in DURATIQUE.

Problem 1: Rusting/ Failing Hardware

Neil outlines:

“Finding a black antique hardware solution, you can trust has been a common pain point in the industry.

 “Many black antique solutions on the market are made with malleable iron which is susceptible to rusting, causing the hardware to not only quickly fail but also leave nasty stains down your door.”

Coastal note that failing or rusted hardware not only results in time consuming site callbacks, but by extension gives a less than ideal perception of your doors.

To prevent the headache of rusting and failing hardware, Coastal Group outline the following design innovations for DURATIQUE:

  • Changed the base material to a robust cast stainless steel 
  • Applied a textured black coating to deliver the traditional heritage look 
  • Ensured all fixings and components are stainless steel with their external face finished to match the hardware

Coastal Group also comment that DURATIQUE is favoured for companies focused on their sustainability efforts.

Often a DURATIQUE lever handle will outlast three of its iron-based alternatives, meaning a significant decrease in raw material, production and site callbacks.

Problem 2: Handle droop

Neil continues:

“Another common issue expressed by our customers was problems with play in an antique door handle.

“This means the handle droops, spindle rattles and you have to move it a few degrees to operate the lever - not a great experience for your homeowner!”

These impressions make all the difference, with a drooping handle often leaving a homeowner or visitor questioning what else could be wrong with the door itself.

Coastal Group’s DURATIQUE lever handles are designed with a high quality dual sprung mechanism and high-quality spindle, ensuring a nice positive action that returns the handle consistently to its original position.

Problem 3: Consistent Fixings

As the saying goes, time is money. Coastal Group were conscious of this when developing the DURATIQUE lever handles, allowing more efficient production.

Neil comments:

“We also had increasing feedback that black antique hardware fixing points were inconsistent, making them awkward and time consuming to fit.

“The fixing locations on DURATIQUE handles are CNC machined, to ensure a consistent location and enable fast and efficient batch production of your doors.”

Problem 4: Suited Hardware

Homeowners are increasingly looking for matching furniture not just on their doors but windows as well.

“DURATIQUE offers a wide range of suited hardware, offering the homeowner a range of beautiful options to dress their door, all made from robust and durable stainless steel.

“Our curly tail window espagnolette handle has proved especially popular when paired with our matching DURATIQUE curly tail lever handle, providing an elegant traditional feel throughout the property.”

Coastal outline how the DURATIQUE range is having a positive impact in customers’ showrooms with their display board options.

Managing Director Loren Jenner comments:

“Seeing and feeling the impressive robustness of DURATIQUE makes it a must-have hardware option on the homeowners’ doors.

“Our customers are winning business and simplifying their sales process with the help of DURATIQUE display boards in their showrooms.”

Coastal are currently running a limited time introductory display board offer on their DURATIQUE range.

If you’re looking to give your sales team a competitive advantage and add quality to your showroom email brooklyn.jenner@coastal-group.com for more information on our DURATIQUE Display Board offer.

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