Thursday, 15 December 2011

Telappliant, launch Cost Saving Fixed Mobile Convergence Service

An innovative telephone service for businesses to help cut mobile communication costs.

Cheaper, reliable and more effective communication from a mobile SIM card... 

Telappliant, the leading Internet telephony provider for UK based small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), has launched 
igen® Mobile - a new fixed mobile convergence service which aims to increase staff efficiency while reducing mobile communication costs by at least 50 per cent*. igen®  integrates Telappliant's Voice over IP (VoIP) technology with the UK's fastest growing 3G network (operated by Three) to offer advanced telephony features* from a standard SIM card.

According to Telappliant,
igen® will benefit most small and medium-sized businesses. The service is quick and easy to set up. All that's required is an igen® SIM card and any 3G mobile phone, which then becomes a four-digit extension of the office telephone system. Incoming calls can be automatically routed to any igen® enabled mobile phone, which will then provide advanced features such as voicemail, teleconferencing and call recording. 

The service seamlessly enables staff to stay in contact with the office and their customers while on the move, with all the convenience of their office phone system and the low call charges associated with VoIP. igen® SIM cards do not come pre-configured with a mobile phone number. Instead, users can select a landline number, from a choice of thousands of cities worldwide, enabling users to establish a 'virtual presence' almost anywhere.

Tan Aksoy, Chief Executive Officer at Telappliant, commented, "For many organisations fixed, mobile and desktop communications still do not work properly together and mobile phones lack the functionality of an advanced telephone system. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also means staff are making significant sacrifices when working mobile. The typical employee who works remotely or spends a large proportion of time away from the office desk now has several phones and mailboxes to support mobile working, which creates complexity and causes duplication for everyone. igen® enables businesses to use a single local landline number for business calls - and diverts them to the appropriate staff on the road or working from home with the added benefit of an advanced telephone system on a mobile phone."

 Aksoy adds, "People have significantly changed the way they work - and the recession has meant businesses need to be agile, responsive to customer needs, and support mobile or home working staff. Telappliant's igen® SIM card delivers substantial productivity gains by unifying voice communications and providing SMEs with an advanced and seamless telephone system from their 3G compatible mobile phones. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware or software, and there are no maintenance fees - just an affordable monthly tariff."
*For further information about
igen® cost savings and telephony features, or to watch a short video on how the service works, visit . 

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